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Surf in Thailand

Ok so I am sitting in the Phuket airport and I am really tired, but I wanted to get this out there.

Pakarang in kao rat, this is really charming surf school run by Ching. He will pick you up from the bus stop and drive you there. Pakarang has some really nice surf, especially in the morning and the site is absolutely amazing for beginners. No white water to paddle against and the morning and evening breaks are nice, long, and gentle. Accommodations are really cheap too 300 baht per night, boards are cheap also.

Surin, this is a mother fucking hard one. Surin is a small beach near the airport in Phuket, it is almost all white water. Large rocks stick out of almost a third of the beach making most of it unsurfable except by experienced surfers. Inexperienced surfers will only be able to surf in the morning towards the late afternoon high tide rises and if you don’t know how to duck and dive and ride a short board you won’t be able to get very far. Recommend Surin for people who know what they’re doing. This beach really requires a lot of expertise to really enjoy. Boards available on the beach, but recommend you pick up a short board from salt water dreaming (it’s 20 minutes from e beach)

Kata – Kata is slightly harder than pakarang, pakarang is accessible all day long, but kata has moments that make surfing it hard. Kata is also absurdly popular as a beach and is full of surfers, swimmers, body boarders, etc. it is however an awesome ride. The first break is great for long boards the second is a bit harder to reach, but I managed it. Kata is just amaZing really and a lot of fun. It is a possible place for beginners too, but in high season it might be to crowded, even in low season kata is full of people. Boards and surf instruction available on beach.

Kata noi – kata’s rocky little sister is nowhere near the difficulty of surin, but still requires a good amount of paddling to get too and some work. The water was really dirty when I was there too with mysterious piss like foam jetting everywhere. I didn’t spend a lot of time here, but it’s a nice place to learn duck and dive and practice short board techniques. A few boards on the beach, but better to bring your own.

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Time Capsule Sunday April 24th 2011

On Koh Tao a group of British men come up to me and ask me why I’m a wearing a dress. “I’m a woman,” I pronounce, we all break out in laughter and then I explain my whole thing, that I think more like a women, that women are who I feel I understand. They say, “thanks for being honest.” and then they go.
Most of my time in Koh Tao I spend alone. I met two guys on the bus who help get me down to Chumporn. In Chompon the hostel owner explains to us that there is a karoake bar where the girls can’t sing, but for 2000 baht you can do whatever you want with them. He also mentions an English teacher from Canada who broken up with his girlfriend from Canada here, but whom “can’t get used to Thai women”. Thai women?

Ying is overweight and always so nice. Gem is a little sketchy, I can’t tell if she likes me, but Ying is precious, she loves us so. I’m at a summer camp with Reina and I’m concerned at first if Reina will like me or not, but when we get in the cab she actually seems to be glad to be there. Teaching another summer camp at the same school turns out to be boring. I don’t have the same energy, my lesson plans drip down into that abandon, that big place called “I don’t wanna be here anymore,” Bangkok is increasingly clean. The city I came to of ladyboys and gay scenes stretching street stops is shrinking, Gene has even been kicked out Sukhumvhit clubs. Bangkok has a strange dynamism to it, the (conservative?) culture of sexpats, so obsessed with the hetero-normative that they buy women in order to preserve the veneer. Then the queer culture underneath, but the two get along in Bangkok at least fairly fine, Pattaya seems to be where the less opened mind end up. In Chompoon I met a ladyboy, the first one in what seems like years. I didn’t want to sleep with her, but her Thai, I could almost touch her language. It was nice to talk to someone however brief. She made herself scarce quick.

Reina with the amazing last name (Pruksajarnsiri) is increasingly an organized teacher, the years it took me to become organized she has mastered in a matter of months. I’m actually just adding her name because my stats page shows people googling their names all the time, so I wanna see if she finds hers quick enough. My android ap and processing processes impress Alex Mercury who is surprisingly in town, Cyncerie is back in Portland, probably up to nothing good with a clean gin fizz and a pitcher of beer, Vinni is doing some type of project on the ceiling at lush, my processings have to adjusted, the usual light problems and then the fact that my projector is so low res that the exploded picture on the wall starts to suck… and that my webcam maxes out at 640 x 480 resolution. I think the next one will need to be sans camera, maybe something with the cellphone.

Journals have been a major part of this blog, and I’ve found them secretly cached away and then googled by friends and associates, it’s funny to read the hold ones, so just take this as a time capsule Andrew Lyle Jones April 24th, transgender warrior of sorts, prolific cross dresser, pseudo-homosexual, drinker of gin fizz, wanna be programmer, expert English Teacher. A man worried about the future of Bangkok.

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Koh tao





Is a beautiful little island a meager 8 hours from bangkok. Take a train from hua lamphong to chumphon. Train is around 400 baht for second class sleeper fan (do not take second class air con) or 1200 first class. Buses are anywhere from 270 to 800 baht, did not have huge problems with the cheap bus from sai tai talling chan i.e. the southern bus terminal on putthamonton sai one. When you arrive the ferries run from 7 am to 1 pm for 600 baht and take an hour and a half. There is a midnight boat that costs less and takes 6 hours, but really recommend train that gets in about 5 am and then just buy the boat ticket at the station if you arrive at night take a motorcycle taxi to farang bar and either stay there or any of the hotels around it. Farang bar can arrange the boat the next day.

The boat will make a small stop at a private island before arriving at koh tao. From the pier take a left to get the guest houses. There is an amazing walking street out of mae haad with a ton of bars and discount diving shops.

Diving is really cheap 800 baht a trip with gear or 8000 and up for a 3 day diving registration course. Snorkeling is 680 baht for 4 stops including that private island you saw earlier (100 baht to get on the island)

Water is fairly clear and snorkeling is fun, but do not go during the rainy season run off from the hills will impare visibility. The best time to go is around may to october.

Rooms run from 400 to 2000 baht a night. The island has a lot of resorts. Over all very cheap accomodations and ridicilously cheap diving.

Koh tao is fairly clean for thialand no apparent red light districts or massage parlours (although the aloe vera massage is highly recomended).

The coral is starting to bleach, but the island has banned plastic bags the seas are fairly clean in other words. Really a nice and surprisingly very cheap experience. One the best holidays in thailand.

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Don’t Touch Huggly


At times the preservation of art’s status destroys the possibility of a piece. Here thai artist Jenjira Prapantha has knitted an amazing intervention on the first floor of the gallery, but this highly touchable play thing (which would be much more interesting as a sculpture you can interact with) is sadly untouchable.

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Good advice


Angkrit Ajchariyasophon via chang mai now at bcc

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Parithon Thongdee @ Bcc


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Leopard being killed


From an art show at bkk art house in the bangkok cultural center.

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Sapan Lek Record Shop China Town

I’ve been told about this shop for awhile, but have never quite found it till yesterday. Go to MRT Hua Lamphong from there take a taxi to Sapan Lek other wise walk up Chareon Krung, when you get to Chareon Krung soi 8 you’re almost there, walk to the bridge, under the bridge is a huge collection of video game shops, go out from under the bridge on the chareon krung side of the market.The record shop will be on your left on the same side of the street as the market. It’s like the second or third shop after you leave the bridge/market area.

7″s cost 50 baht, Lps I’m not sure. They’ll let you preview music if you bring a turntable.

Unsure on where Tallat Meut the dark market or if this is part of the dark market. There are other LP shops in China Town, but this one appears to be the cheapest and most Thai I’ve found, inside Sapan Lek there is another record place, but it’s all Chinese and American LPs and they want like 700 baht per record.

p.s. this is for vintage thai music and not techno. if you’re looking for techno there is still a techno shop shop in pratunam near chitlom BTS.

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Jack Chick band in Thailand

Ironically, uber-sincere right wing Christian cartoonist Jack Chick is banned in Thailand. Religious parody laws perhaps?

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