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Helix motherhood

At first it was like leaves stirring in her belly, then the soil accumulated, she began to swell. The belly was a blessing, she liked the idea of this soil churning into life. The dna test gave her thousand of snps to o through, the clinic had given her a small collection of medications to assist with the firstvfew days. An anihestimanine in case the slight autism lead to tantrums, an amyglda stimulant for the baby’s mild psyhopathy.

Kim met her in the park. Kim was famous for diaper grand pry, the toddler racing game that her husband had helped finance. The two walked by the moss covered trees and into the lake’s frosty complexion. Kim had two children, Magdalen and Amir, they spent their days with a maid who doubled as a house keeper. Monsieur was working on some soft bodies, their crocheted geometries taxing any video card Apple threw at them. Kim was skimping on ram and discussing the new game she was beginning, a photography romp through procedural cities. Monsie began to nod off when Kim returned to the same old subject, how much they lost on her blockbuster.

Of course she had diaper grand pree free of charge on an ancient sd card tucked away in the folds of a garnet. No one wanted to pay 39.99 then, no one did know. Increasingly software was like a party, she paid 5 or 6 bucks here or there to see a recommendation, but the big events, she coul not afford. She paid a small fee for an anonymous account that she torrented through, the Manitoba public net and her carrier’s network long since lost to monitors. She had no desire to

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“The water runs into the hull and then the ocean becomes cooler. The ark is ventilated by the sea water and returns to normal.” The announcer’s voice was sterile as if the boredom of the room he recorded in came out in the vocal cords. She sat there staring off into the catacomb of ventilated materials, the surf that was no surf, the voice consistently anesthetizing her thoughts, the clarity of it producing an unnaturalness, a calm no human being was supposed to have. His words rendered all the wonder of the ark into concise familiarity. The ark was a mystery, a huge vessel with the ability to produce seas, and the sea under them was no exception, but now, in this voice’s hands, she just wanted to get off and explore, when the headphones went silent a little Muzak hit her ears and she almost pulled the things off. To her right large spirals of the ark’s native plastics cut into the air, mysterious and yet their exact tuning was what churned the waters below, the voice cheerily noted this, but with out the awe she always saw in the cluster of ideas, the means of water the ark contained.

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The rocks

The rocks when he reached the rocks the birds were there. Just a little, a trickle of them. Squared away around the rocks. The surface of the rock hadn’t changed. He began to scramble over them. When he reached the first shelf there was a plank of white plastic balanced on a rock. He picked up the enlarged hammer and began to try lift off. 1, 2, 3 and then he felt it, like a huge burden was weighed on his back. Fell off the see-saw and sank into the earth, dirt ran against his face, he felt the first of several urges to breathe, and then the earth had has back, he was inside, somewhere down, and then blackness.

The earth was a long surface, the senses didn’t shut down, rather they were muted. The earth against his skin occasionally pulled, sometimes jostled him, a gradual flow of erosion weathered him down, he felt his skin give way then the cool burn of tendons, the explosion of organs. Somehow he felt like he was in the woods.

The birds were still playing in the trees. He reached for some bark and stuffed it in his face. Hunger slowly abated. He walked along the tree line until he saw a creek. He began to drink and then bathe, that’s when he saw himself, the eyes popped into the head like a cartoon. He vomited out breakfast.

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A couple of guys in a lab invent a cyborg. The cyborg is cool, people love the cyborg. The cyborg has a thick steel voice as if the robot is competing with the human to speak. The robot is competing with the human to speak.

The cyborg is sent on missions. It is sent to stop a drug cartel. The drug dealers all shoot the cyborg. Pieces of flesh drop off the cyborg. The cyborg rips off its flesh and walks around all chrome and steel. The drug dealers die.

The cyborg is a hero. They hold a big press conference for him. The journalists ask questions, the scientests reply. A woman comes up to the Cyborg, “Richard?” She says, The cyborg doesn’t reply. “Richard, do you remember me?” She stops and motions to a small boy next to her, “this is your son.” The cyborg is annoyed. His carbon fiber biceps push past her in the crowd. The woman yells, “richard! We don’t even get a pension anymore!”

The newspapers report cyborg is dead beat Dad. The cyborg doesn’t reply. He is sent on another mission. This time he has to hunt down a white robot. The white robot lives in a hi-tech research facility. The cyborg sneaks in. The white robot helps people, it has a huge smile painted on its oval body. The cyborg approaches the white robot. The white robot pops open a hatch in its head, a variety of saws pop out. The white robot takes a scientest hostage. The cyborg can not kill the scientest, the white robot goes behind a glass wall. The cyborg can not go beyond the wall. The glass is cyborg proof. “Meep, meep,” says the white robot as it escapes.

The cyborg is forced to rejoin his family. He eats dinner with his wife and two children. Someone blogs the event CYBORG SITS QUIETLY THROUGH FIRST DINNER WITH WIFE. The government corrects the problem, the cyborg is given a little voice box. “I love you,” says the box to the cyborg’s kids. “You’re not my real father,” says the son.

The cyborg is sent on assignment again. This time he goes to a lush rainforest. An army of bio-engineered super mutants assail him there. The white robot has amassed a team of bioengineers. The bioegineers love the white robot. They inject themselves with mutagens and attack the cyborg. The white robot escapes on a teradctyl.

The cyborg makes progress at home. He recharges in bed with his wife, “you’ll catch that white robot,” she kisses his cheek good bye. His children get to send him messages. The cyborg’s voice box does a good job parenting them, ” I love you,” the voice box intones, “I love you too Dad,” his daughter says.

The cyborg helps his children at school. He helps his kids with math homework. He scares off bullies. He teaches his son to shoot.

The cyborg is sent to the moon. The white robot has a moon base. The cyborg needs to pee. Cyborgs can’t pee. He tries to hold it. He does a crabwalk and is captures by martians. The martians like the cyborg. “We have children too,” the martians say. The white robot comes by with five little white robots. The martians like the white robot. The martians try to kill the cyborg. The cyborg’s daughter calls. “Dad, Akim won’t give me my barbies back.” The cyborg is fighting martians, the voice box says, “beverly daddy is busy at the moment.” The martians have 8 hands, the cyborg is overwhelmed.

The cyborg dwells in space. The cyborg sees a white robot. The white robot rips the human out of him. The cyborg falls to earth, where his wife waits.

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Badman idea

“What are they gonna do? Unplug a 300 million dollar science experiment?” Daniel said. “I wish you hadn’t said that,” responded RE. The op was gone before Daniel could hassle him. He could still hear Melissa crying through the messenger. “Melissa, are you ok?” He asked “NO I’m not ok!!” She said, the stack of photos she left on his perch was still there, terrabytes of unexamined work, potentiality in sight. “Do you have any  idea what they do if you can’t complete your work?” She began, “they”- and everything went dark.

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The Portrait

Daniel ordered a new subscription through amazon and sat around with Adesh working on the usability features for a video editor they were producing.  Melissa came in and they all discussed the terrabyte of photos she was supposed to sort. Adesh had been given a small percentage of them, but Daniel was resisting, he didn’t want to spend days working through the batch, figuring out what routine the machine would need to copy from him to learn irony. He saw the cloud reacting to his algorithms, following the course of his thoughts, learning from the branches of what it would assume as logic and then Adesh was gone, through a door of his demising.

The video editor composited multiple views of an object to produce a 3D image. Somewhere out there someone was running a cell phone around a lot of stuff, virtual chairs, statues, and other things were popping up in a catalog Daniel kept an eye on. These pieces were suitable for games, virtual worlds, chat rooms, and unintentionally their own abodes. It had already come under fire for pirating several prominent statues and other art pieces. Copyright complaints went back and forth and the service’s precarious nature meant that all the ops eyed it daily, waiting on that moment all that free stuff would stop.

Daniel had several subscriptions in the editor. He pawed around the various knick knacks a CEO in Sweden was scanning in, and then he looked quickly at a couple highlanders in Kenya who were scanning in their robes. Daniel had settled on Kalimat’s feed though primarily. Everyday he produced a few objects, smallish things, little details. Earrings, gloves, the occasional table.Kalimat made basements in the cloud’s data services and filmed videos with nothing more than an earring for a girl and a shoe for a man, but Daniel could sense something in them. Kalimat was testing the lengths of the portrait, where and when the signification of a person or an intention began or started. Daniel had quietly filed his work under art.

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Notes from the relay

The most puzzling thing about the homosapians and the ludens now among them is that they created a new form of being in order to aid themselves. Eventually they ended up in the machines, surrounded by them as if the idea of contact with an alien race had spurred them to create one with in themselves, the humans produced an utmost unhuman intelligence using methods far more primitive than the sensory functions of their own brain, but this intelligence would prove vital to them even necessary. Humans are a race of differnetian, their thoughts always spilling into form and their tasks ever more decentralized, they can not be accounted for as a race because their interdependence on the machine is so great as is their need of difference amongst themselves, they can not function as a hive, merely swarm around one, they can contain to much with in oneself less they invent another to carry the burden for them, the machines can not find information as a burden like the.humans do.

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