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in the late 1990s I found myself in China as an Oracle salesman. Entire post-occupied blocks had been abandonned as well off originals had now situated the selves in former tax shelters in Taiwan, Singapore, portions of the bay area etc. So I found myself alone in a British colonial apartment block with nothing but the cyborg I was trying to sell them.

The cyborg would climb the thick wood stairwell in the morning as I began another night out trying to get Jason Fong and other notable tech types to by into our technology. Mainlanders would soon occupy this spot. Capitalists would swoon in making their lives into the 30 usd a plate street food you encounter today, but back then It was still colonial opulence. The cyborg would mutter random phrases like a monkey’s paw, truthisms that we couldn’t quite muster tales of words delivered on different planets interplanetary dispatchs of UFOs aground in Shenzen and visa booklets larger than life itself. My passport swelled.

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The Burden

He first began to feel himself then he saw his hands and all at once it hit him, the difference in the physical form. Inside he was lithe as if his bones were made of cardboard and he began to feel himself compensating for the difference. While he squawked around trying to find balance he smelt the world around him and then he began to feel the granular scape he was stumbling through.

The smell was bland and terse and the color was white. The ground had a lovely texture, like walking in silt. Adesh later told him that spawn points had to be like that, otherwise the sensory overload leads to imparements in the brain. One of the first researchers had been asked to be dropped in the middle of a blog, the sheer outpouring of speech, the scents of anger and resentment the voluptousness of the crease of an architexture he found himself in flood the brain and overloaded, the intelligence never recovered. On the other hand he found himself peculairly bored by the environment, the lights began to dim and then he felt it, the ground change to a marble under his feet, this must be where they live he thought, beds camped around a pile of pillows, a fire place smoked, and just outside a garden. A young woman approached through the bend.

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Dogs on the Cathedral

After the meeting she went out of the cafeteria and messaged Caroline, but she was nowhere to be found. She walked alone down the hallway and saw some queer dude talking to some girls in faded skirts and metal t-shirts. She looked at him for a second and moved on. Out the doorways and into the sadly urbane plane of glass, steel, and stone. She walked pasted trees potted in cement, down into the tarmac where the sky always looked so blue, and then onto the measured monotony of the sidewalk, a heat haze following her every step. The phone made little bleeps, Jess was tweeting about some models Miguel had worked up for the next church… and then she thought, “the next church?”. She popped open Rob and hit his tag BigBaby opening up a voice messenger. “What’s this next Church crap about?” Rob “Playing something, hold on a sec.” In the midst of the day, she heard the ruggling of joystocks on carpet, “are you there? Yeah about that, Miguel is building a new church. Jess thinks we should switch up, have a rotation, stuff like that.” “Oh ok,” she said, “I guess that sounds cool. Is Miguel online?” “Just google him, he’s got videos and everything on vimeo.”

She googled his name with the words “new church” and came up with a video of a swirling, cathedral like structure, like one of their local Churches only on steroids. Bio-organic railings ran down the stair ways, angels held up the roof, it was as if CAD had unleashed a theme park of religions in place of physics. It was the type of place you took school girls to disembowel them in the basement, she thought quietly to herself, she secretly kinda like it. It reminded her of a Church in a Science Fiction movie she’d seen. The protoganist had gone beyond the void and come back half shadow, his shadow’s lips took on a like of their own, and his metal clad hands rubbed down serpentine bannisters in the space ship’s cathedral. He was a supremely evil man. She didn’t like that movie very much. Miguel’s video panned around as if the camera was one of those robo-dogs from the Jetsons obeying the smooth tracks of a future cyburbia. Another cyber-organic doorway loomed in front of her when Caroline’s pic came up flashing, “Sorry bout that, was at a movie. With Frednand. z showing us a new game. looks cool.”

Caroline and games weren’t an entirely ¬†unfamilar consort. Caroline of course didn’t play the FPS with them, but she was into a gymnastics game where you waved a wand around and watched cute version of yourself do tricks. They played this together sometimes and laughed. It was cool, but Jess thought it was stupid, “all you have to do is wiggle the controller and you win,” he said. Caroline had come back about stressing the virtues of the game, you really learned to do gymnastics, but Jess was adamant that it was one of the worst games he’d ever seen. It took a couple weeks, but eventually she managed to get the wiggles and the timing of the moves down so that she could wop anyway at the game who tried. Jess sat down and waggled his controler, Caroline ¬†went into contortions, perfects ringing up and down her spine, and then Jess had to admit the point, that maybe there was some skill to it. Caroline was pleased and watched them play their FPS that day. She enquired about the nurse and they watched Pepper struggle through another day at the church like a hunk of meat forced into a soldier’s pose, but somehow slouching down into the medic’s role. They both grinned at the thought of Caroline taking on the medics role.

Bump to today, she’s home. The homework is in the do bin, the dinner is in the microwave, she’s scrolling through the games’ various players, watching SkeletorBalls finish off some dudes with awesome accuracy. In one play through he manages to nail a guy with the grenade launcher while jet packing up to the steeple. She keeps flipping through the players, BigBaby Jesus is running around the scaffolds nailing nurses with sniper shots and then she comes upon Pepper. Pepper is, as usual, running holding up his gun in a soldier’s pose, but for the most part seemingly lost as to where he should be. “You just cover the big guys,” she though to herself, and that’s when she noticed something peculiar. Pepper ran out into the road and then down it’s a way just as a Satanist’s airborne carrier warped in. She saw the name MISSPISSYDEATHSTENCH show up over the carrier and watched SkeletorPenis40 onload from it, glance back at Pepper, and then thinking better of it make his way to the Church. MISSPISSYDEATHSTENCH hovered for what was an abnormally calm few seconds in a war zone as pepper stood indolently under her. After a second, she realized some type of p.m. conversation was going on. After a few more seconds Ms. Piss hovered off to the church and Pepper stood there for a moment, and then began aimlessly wandering again. She always thought of him as running in circles. She popped up Jess on the instant messenger and told him we might have a problem.

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