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Unemployed again

You’re not supposed to be gay
But you don’t fit into straight
Believe us they say, “the girlfriend is coming”
But what they mean is A Tom trapped in high heels
Who forget her name
It’s like being in a Zoo
You will buy her gifts
She will run off to Thailand with whores
You will be bored
Masturbate? who knew a sexual fantasy could make you poor?
Who knew all those little girls
Put you inside a genocide machine?
Society is screaming with stereotypes
But I have watched them all my life
Their lives are not ones of ease
It’s more like someone with a disease
Queens? Please
We’re in a fucking suicide machine
In time you will appreciate this lesson
Identity is something you can afford
Even if it’s the way you are born.

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Comte de Lautréamont

Last night I was a transsexual woman flying through
A new Houston, Texas
Brooklynites offset by rents had colonized portions
Of downtown
Panda graffiti Announced a transgender man bookshop
The city is over taken by lesbians
Hip little avenues sprung out and about
Alison Bechdel crew cuts rule the town
I am no longer a transsexual woman
Cyncerie runs a restaurant down town
I am talking to her when David Bowie’s wife walks in
She wants to thank her for the hospitality
I am so embarrassed
I squirm around trying to not be noticed
Is it David Bowie’s wife? It looks like him in drag
Just being normal

When I wake up a lady in my Facebook feed has posted this.
And so I learn the glam star’s 100 favorite books includes Comte de LautrĂ©amont.
I am sick in bed today kindling Bowie’s favorite books, the ones I haven’t read.
Once open a time a poet died uneventfully before his poems were read,
I suppose it will stay that way: The kindle edition of Maldoror ends unexpectedly after
The forward. Capitalism buries another corpse behind a paywall.


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Two things

Wasabi on a Zombie’s tongue
The sensation so hot is forgets all about consumerism
Are there pokaballs in your daesin?
Does pretension pay?
The blue sky is pleasured by a Samuria with orgasmic hands
His erections lead the way.

Also, this is a video game blog kinda. Might and Delight made a little platformer called P.I.D. Awhile back. There next game is Shelter and it’s really a serene experience, imagine laid back jazz motifs to a wilderness survival game. It works and I really like it, will update with photos when I get a chance, off to Phuket to surf till Friday.

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Henry Fool

Yesterday I wrote a poem
And I got 26 new followers
In Henry Fool a man writes a poem
And gets over a million
Is genius not in practice Mr. Hartley đŸ™‚ ?

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Life is a hegemonic bully
that holds your head up to the tracks.
It knows only Schadenfreude.
Occasionally you mistake an eddy for mercy.
You fall sleep exhausted.
When you wake you realize you must go
Through life with out sleep,
while the beast dreams
Only of your exhaustion.

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Today’s product poem


Found at make up stand.

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