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Today + Thomas Was Alone, Zeno Clash 2, & Pink Friday




The only thing troubling about Thomas Was Alone is it’s own confidence. The game struts in so polished, yet indie that at times it becomes apparent this being sold to you. The rest is absolutely stunning puzzle platforms with a lovable narrator who wins you over from the first line. Thomas, like Bastion, is all about story. It’s a story you’re telling to yourself through game play, a narrator you love and the inherent crack like addiction to plot that humans need becomes a subtle, but kind carrot for the mechanics of the game. It’s a touching story about blocks that are a.i. Trying to escape the confines of their digital environment. If you haven’t given it a whirl, do so.

Zeno Clash 2
I am currently ensconced alone in a second world classroom with 2 different cell phones running at once. This aural assault is infuriating I can almost not even focus on the iPad. One phone is vibrating and has been for what seems like 20 minutes, the other is playing Taylor swift. And finally they are off. Zeno Clash is at heart a punk game as much as Vidiot is a punk movie. 2 is not better than 1, but as fan service it’s a worthy addition, it just builds a more complex structure of plot on something that was best left unexplained. Zeno Clash is at it’s best when primitivism and libidinal desires build up into the surrealism of a village made out of enormous cruelties. 2 understands this, but unfortunately in it’s attempts to explain Zenozik, makes the mechanics to bear it’s like Sid Viscious emerging into a sci-if film. Works well for most of the game, but scruffy up soul and body at points.

Pink Friday
I have to go like right now so I will be quick. Roman Holiday is Nikki Minaj, the rest of the albums consistent of songs at targeted demographics with a few stunners in there. The interview at the end is awesome, but Nikki needs to be more herself, with fake accent and pink Porsche. I do love the way she raps and that she over powers many Mcs on this album is all the better.

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Doodle, Particulars, Narrative, Literature Addiction


Btw ran into a game called Particulars today a kind of magic realist physicist in arcade that might be warping the nature of quantum mechanics type of thing. The game is in paid alpha and available from here. it,s similar to old school NES games Solar Jetman, gravity and acceleration are big things, but it shows a sense of design much more in keeping with modern games. Like Rayman Origins it has tons of ideas and like an IPad game it is set up in small easily digestible challenges which introduce you to new mechanics.


The game is made in Unity and the physics of it’s flings are unique as is the idea of attraction, certain particles repel and attract your quark making navigation and survival imperative yet slippery. Unlike Asteroids it is not an infinite free for all rather the game requires considerable skill to play. The narrative is a treat to, the same studio did Flatland: Fallen Angles a noir thriller in a 2d landscape which is available for free from there site.


The narrative is well done and reminds of similar enthralled and perilously peculiar British games like Thomas Was Alone or The Stanley Parable. It ducks in and out of comprehensibility while it’s particles cohere into observable patterns. Like Thomas was Alone it is a graphically simple game, not much happens on screen that wows you, but the story is told in the same hypnotic fable like tones used in the afore mentioned games that lead you on. The narrator is clearly in love with the story, but the game is in love with itself. Game play is tight, this is an alpha so expect some really hard challenges, but the story and the adrenaline boosts of the game play become a formula, one Thomas was Alone used to great effect, both games understand that literature is addictive, and man craves stories. It just happens to be both are great games too.
Try flatland for free, the alpha is 5 usd via PayPal if you so choose. Greenlight campaign is up and everything is at that link. This games makes me wish I used Desura more. So many gems out there 🙂

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Daily Doodles, Steam Sales, Potentiality, Purchasability


Yesterday I bought Stylus for my iPad and Valkyrie Chronicles for my ps3. If the later will entertain me as much as the Stylus is open to question, but what’s above I made this morning during a little down period at work.

Concerning Back Logs
Let’s say games are like marbles, the further they are up in the sky, the more fun and force they exert when they hit the track and begin rolling in the track. Games store potential the way gravity does, the problem is Steam lacks gravity sometimes. During these periods, usually Steam sales, the average consumer may as well be playing cars in a super nova. Gravity is warped and the potential of games goes out the window. In my case I have survived numerous steam sales. These sales leave archaeological layers the way dinosaur bones do, you can identify when gamer teenagers graduated to gamer fully employedness by simply looking at their steam log and determining when they first blew over 300 USD in a 36 hour period on Steam sale. Sales build up dirt and grunk in Steam’s layers aka lists. But the thing is a more massive object exerts a greater gravitational force. as everyone knows the fun of dropping things is the force with which they hit. Your account becomes a small planetoid around which potentially shrinks, the length of the drop reduces to nothing. The fun of games is reduced by the size of my back catalog. Their Purchasability shrinks when I still need to finish X and Y. So great is my steam catalog, that I can not justify another purchase. Part of this is simply Steam’s Microsoft like decision to refuse a firm design choice and instead force us to peal through layers of options to choose the rightish design template to reduce back catalog showing. By default Steam shows all games you own, by default iOS makes it somewhat difficult to achieve what Steam does naturally. Apple clearly understands the need to clean up a mess more than Gabe does. The problem with these Steam sales is that conditions return to normal. Those 2.99 triple A games you bought pile up, the planets go back into alignment and gravity resumes it’s due. And all our games come crashing down, more garbage in a pile of wasted potential, and what’s worse is that we have to carry it all around.

When I was in College we were told about an experiment: a group of college students had to carry around all the waste they produced in a week in a bag. Students jokingly thought it would be rather small, but soon discovered the bag grew enormous and eventually untenable. Steam’s inherent UI works like this. Every time I open it, by default it shows me all of my purchases. In order to cope psychologically with the depth of my greed, I have to create categories and determine favorites. I don’t get why it just doesn’t show what’s on my machine (this option is available in a click, but clearly not Dan Gilbert style easy to do). What’s worse is that Steam is one of those schizophrenic types, in reality Steam is a slob, but hey it’s got a second personality as a diligent cleaner. The problem is when the potential exists to be a slob, the cleaner is annoyed. You see we’re fascists. I get down on my knees and scrub toothbrush style to get stains out of my bathroom, giving me the illusion that games aren’t there when they are is just more annoying. Steam can ends it’s delusion of being neat and clean with a simple click, and often does.

Well anyways, My back catalog continues to work one effect: I feel almost no need for new games knowing how many I purchased before and have never played.

P.s. purchases include rockin’ android bundle, Dishonored (gift), and to the moon this season. Waiting on rayman origins to finally drop to 50% before I buy.

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These are a few inkpad drawings i did over the ladt few days. I think the portraits are a result of face blindness trying to figure out what they’re thinking. Regardless i love ‘m i hope you do to.

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