About pages are minor biographies, little snippets of the self produced by the self and usually just read over and over again narcisisticaly by the self. You, (provided it’s not just me looking at my own about page again and again clicking my own links and commenting on my own posts), however happen to be the exception. Statistically, using my wordpress dashboad, I’ve determined the chances that you (not me) are reading this is about 1 in 100. So, taken that chance, and that in all probability it’s really just me looking at this page, I’ve decided not to reveal anything about myself in this page, because let’s face it Andrew, you have other things to do. Ya know like surfing or snowboarding or finishing that novel you’re gonna blog about. You also have never finished that sound art piece you’re supposed to be doing for that gallery here in Bangkok, or fliering for that new night you just started at Breaks. Very little has changed about you since you grew up in Houston, TX sitting in your room reading, masturbating, and never having any friends. No, you were born to be a blogger, the type of guy so interested in his collection of rss feeds he never actually talks to anyone. Yes Andrew, you should go out more, no Andrew you probably shouldn’t give into your transgender fantasies of secretly being the hijra Susan Sontag. Yes, these stories are all normal, the narratives we tell everyone to convince ourselves of the value or our lives, but in the grand scheme of things, while you might have accomplished a bit when you lived in Orlando, FL making music and running shows, and while you might have swooped back into your teenage intellectualism in your late twenties still girlfriendless and poor there really is a world out there, a big one full of sun and laughter and things that might just replace video games as your major entertainment form, provided you can look at them correctly. So dear fellow blogger, so sorry am I to have wasted your time AND ANDREW GET TO WORK.

p.s. please help me convince other people I’m popular and potentially worth talking to. Add me on one of the following “social networking” websites:



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