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**BlazBlue: Chronophantasma**
Once right after lunch, but just before class I stuck a small Amane combo video up on a projector screen. The results were so ludicrously gravity defying, the dexterity involved seemingly inhuman, that is was like watching the Harlem Globetrotters do trick shots or a particularly good skate trick video. In my own play throughs of BlazBlue my Amane rarely achieved a combo greater than 8 hits. I was assured it was due to the way I was thinking, that a skilled strategizer could take the game apart and design combos in mere seconds. As my Amane nears the 3 week mark and new internet provides easy access at home I am thinking about my moves and discovering that j.c can pop into 6C and then 2c and then into a 2,3,6 C for a power dive. I am out combo’n players in ranked, beating Noel Vermillions with cloth and dance. It is terribly rewarding to be told you can’t do something and then to find that in fact you can. The only problem though is that once you become wired to cancels, you begin to notice how each character punishes and the combo becomes little more than a move. In fact the draw to large combos is so vast you will find yourself blocking opponents so they don’t get an opening and routines become so hardwired that on occasion lag will cause a whiff and you or your opponent will keep kicking even when the input ended a second ago. This is not to say BlazBlue is to formulaic, in fact the options out there are vast, but rather that by dealing with combos as a system, they become codified and therefore predictable even if they’re more impressive than SF IV. The later is something Xrd is working on. But two points here that are minor complaints, I managed to convince myself that BB:CP was a game only conquerable by though, in fact just like LoL or Dota 2 high level play is more like a sport, practice takes presence over critic, its just that quantifying the game into strategable segments help increase practice. The routes cancel write out qualify as the game’s real special moves, but really combos should be more open ended. Regardless, I am a level ELF now.

**Spin Copters** ios
The spiritual sequel to Flappy Bird is possibly better than the original. You see, Mario’s jump is like cocaine, you just want to do more. A similar mechanism governs Spin Copters out of control whirly birds. The game requires microsecond judgement taps as you effectively steer a physics beast so entangled in calculations its output can compound into velocities denser than clouds. Its not a terribly frustrating game, unless you’re really invested in it, but its also not a fun game, its real pleasure comes from mastery of a physics model no one can ignore. Unfortunately enjoying Spin Copters physics takes work, determination, and a pay off of only a high score. Recommended.

**Ridge Racer slipstream iOS**
I saw the ridge racer ps vita game via /r/vita and immediately needed to own it ethical questions be damned. Unfortunately the ultimate edition with all the dlc doesn’t seem to be on US Psn and I’ll be damned if I spend 30 usd for what like 3 tracks and 5 cars? Remember R4? It came with a freaking joystick that was awesome. So I searched the app store to see if I could get something to tide me over, sadly slipstream lasted about 45 seconds on my ipad, it didn’t feel like Ridge Racer, it didn’t have the physics, the feedback, the unbelievable turns. It was just a racing game.

**Deep under the sky**
This is a game from the same developer as Incredipede, but unfortunately its more of an angry birds rip off in its infancy. Haven’t played enough to see how game the differentiates itself, but art style = points given.

**FF IX**
I am on disc 3 and still enthralled. Way to go linear narrative.

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