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Design Journal: FF IX, BB:CP, Soul Sacrifice, DonDonPachi

**Final Fantasy IX**
As a completionist all these story segments lacking in good grind-able areas annoys me. I need to farm abilities via AP from my items instead I am being shuttled from story point to point, but now on disc 2. Was just amazed I have to use a ps vita system menu to actually swatch discs, ps one classics feel more like linux apps and less like commercial products.

**DoDonPachi aka DDPRHD**
Cave is that beloved shmup dev. Everyone espouses about, but the thing is they stuck with the genre and the understood world building the same way Sakaguchi and Amano did. Cave games are sumptuous and rich with identification wether its some teenage witches with boobs or rather in DoDonPachi hD some pretty awesome robot jet planes. The transformations are intense and the game is beautiful on my ipad air. DDPR is not my favorite Cave shmup, but it does enough of what Cave is known for to make me miss Crimzon Clover and want a new laptop badly. Cave was a master in a genre known for subtly. Every tweak of algorithmic bullet fire could send a shmup straight over the cliffs and into abandon, but DDPR manages to make bullet canceling into an art form and introduces you to empowerment before its third level knocks you away. Its a thing of beauty.

**BlazBlue Chronophantasma**
In terms of the tier list Amane is rather low down and it really shows when a level 2 Ragna that you’ve been hosing around the stage, the type of noob that falls for a C and gets tangled in amane’s threads can still kill you even though they don’t even know a prolonged combo. Moment with this game I loved this week: figuring out the inputs for Tager’s Astral finish further convinced me Team BB knows their game. Wow, chain-able special moves into an astral is what I am looking for. I also practiced my combos and began working on a mid-air combo. The challenges are less interesting than what’s in the training mode. Love 6A (forward A? Sorry new to J-joystick conventions) into B with a little C throw at the end. Also catching someone with 6C’s forward lunge and watching them plummet into a great combo is great as is poking with jumping C which at least leaves you a little less open for reprisals.

**Soul Sacrifice**
The thing about is game is that when i play it I feel like its made for 15 year olds and most of the legacy players still around are. I am falling out of love with it as I thought even after a prolonged solicitation with my local game shops for it. Maybe at higher levels it becomes more enthralling, the fuse and upgrade system was nice at first, but fairly ineffective against bosses I am battling now.

**Kid Icarus 3D**
This old school legend has never really moved me. Of all nintendo’s old school classics Icarus was the one never discussed: possibly because its shockingly generic. It lacks the polish of Mario’s jump the feedback of hitting blocks instead its just vanilla. Perhaps its gets better later on.

**My Life**
Right now i am worried about my job because I am kinda sucking at my saturday classes. The teacher who hates me had me removed from her class even after 3-4 successful classes specifically tailored to appease her. Students in Vietnam are awful and the mail has swallowed my copy of Skyward Sword. Another teacher told me Vietnam is dangerous, it is. I am not so sure I want to be here, but like all of the disabled or retarded I am not wanted where supposively acceptance is at a high. Its a pet theory of mine that anywhere well known for being open minded is just a kind of smoke screen. Once people are convinced they aren’t bigots they proceed to disclude. For a period after my last job I felt like maybe one’s work was important, but while the quality of one’s work does matter its more if the social group at work wants you to be there. In other words life requires of me more pleasantries if that will actually make a difference is another matter.

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