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**BlazBlue Chronophantasma**
Viewing the high level challenges in this game just blows me away. Its just the imagination the game allows in combos is so vast. Then add to this some truly spectacular special moves and it all comes together. Today I learned A+B is a guard break and A+B+C means rapid cancel. Still haven’t used over drive properly. I loved figuring out how to do Kokonoe’s Astral finish. Haven’t quite got the triple Tager down and learning Amane’s combos requires some serious input. I am not so sure I like the tutorial heavy aspects of the game. I got good at Vampire Savor via passion not pre-set how tos, but I like that the game has systemized skill. A 180 hit combo will geeee…. How do I do that? Oh yeah Kokonoe was a pleasant surprise. She is surprisingly meek as a noob it takes knowledge of the when and where of gravity spheres to make her formidable and the lag in some of her moves is tremendous. Now I am just wondering if I can use the auto-cancel to cancel some of Amane’s more long winded attacks and when to use guard break much less how. Seeing Amane’s long range grabs and seeing what can done with them drives home how different she is from dhalism as much as Kokonoe’s gravity + fireball redefines many of my expectations of what a fireball should be. BlazBlue isn’t gimmicky, rather its creative in ways games should be. Its a shame to see it passed up as an anime fighter.

The game is epitome of 2000s game. Tight linear corridors that make you crawl through a storyline that’s so cliched action trope only a lover of the genre could enjoy it. Some Assassin’s Creed rambling about, that Metroid moment where you evacuate though is nice, but we’re finding the multiplayer the greater draw. The enemy variety isn’t stellar, but is nice and there is nothing like going invisible and then point blank shot gunning some poor slobs. Highlight of this week, spending my 11k fuse on a team perk only to end up double teaming a robot from front and behind with heavy weapon drops then with a record time kill collecting an additional 9k fuse and getting another team perk just minutes behind the first. Insomniac did a great job on the multiplayer, its just the game doesn’t understand the insanity required to be truly great, instead its a well polished review of the PS3’s greatest genres with some gears thrown in. No one really wants co-op to mean handicap, but rally points & necessitated co-op revives make the game feel weaker for being co-op even when the powers and abilities make the shooting more fun with friends.

**Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4**
We got a few minutes on a ps4 this week and given the choice between Fifa, Infamous, & CoD we tried CoD. The split-screen option is nice, but I was surprised by how easy it is to die. A few hits and bam you’re down. This is not Crysis, but the shooty game on display was passable even if not terribly compelling offline.

**Dual shock 4**
This surprised me. When I saw the touch pad

Years ago a friend made an indie game and it exploded, so I decided I could take my noob programming chOps to the indie basket. Years later my love of gaming is nearing exhaustion. As a friend told me 2 years ago you make it sound like a job, but in many ways my exploration of games has become a job. Design journals, blog posts on game design, I have learned a lot about the medium, but I deeply wish to be engrossed in art or literature again to make an installation for a gallery or write a story for fantasy mag. Yet, my to buy list just keeps going. Ratchet and Clank trilogy next week? Fuck yeah. Need 3D World (which might be the only game I am truly passionate about at the moment). Still haven’t caught up with Crimzon Clover and my knowledge of Atelier Totri grows, the later is a game I want to love, but just can’t. Gaming is not for me an intended full time past time. Its more of a passing side substance I imbue as novels, music, and movies pass me by. I remember playing Vampire Savoir on my Saturn constantly, working on new kills and then checking out new music or doing homework. I wish I could get enough distance for games to feel fresh again. I would love to treat Undernight in rebirth with the same attention as I did say Street Fighter Alpha, but with such huge knowledge of what’s available it becomes harder to focus on a single game. I want to chill on games, but then I need Final Fantasy X on my vita even when I am enthralled by IX and have 3-4 sitting unfinished on my ipad. Life hasn’t given me enough time to do what I want even that little game I poke away at sits by the way sides as strife, exhaustion, frustration, rear their ugly head.

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My first day with F.U.S.E. Design Journals: Soul Sacrifice (omg this is awesome), BL2 redux, & Atelier Totori the mystery continues

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