Gun Slugs impressions

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**Gun Slugs** vita
I had a neo geo pocket for awhile and remember being totally psyched for Metal Slug to go. The problem is the neo geo pocket game was simplified. It had that visceral run n’ gun feel, but lacked the hectic and strategic elements that make Metal Slug so much fun. Gun Slugs feels about the same way. Shooting is restricted to horizontal plane and the game often feels like a push to the finish line. Of course Gun Slugs is also procedural, lacks extra lives, and is intended to be played for a place on the leaderboards. So far I have gotten to the jungle where in pyros burn you and grenadiers can destroy you in a few simple hits. In other words the game becomes strategic fast. I am holding off on an actual opinion of the game until I reach something beyond the jungle, but it’s a simple run n’ gun that’s procedural aspects means you ascend through mechanics. Thankfully each tier of the game’s difficulty is only 2-3 stages in length so replaying from the beginning isn’t that big of a deal. It thinks of itself as a arcade game in other words.

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