Today + Thomas Was Alone, Zeno Clash 2, & Pink Friday

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The only thing troubling about Thomas Was Alone is it’s own confidence. The game struts in so polished, yet indie that at times it becomes apparent this being sold to you. The rest is absolutely stunning puzzle platforms with a lovable narrator who wins you over from the first line. Thomas, like Bastion, is all about story. It’s a story you’re telling to yourself through game play, a narrator you love and the inherent crack like addiction to plot that humans need becomes a subtle, but kind carrot for the mechanics of the game. It’s a touching story about blocks that are a.i. Trying to escape the confines of their digital environment. If you haven’t given it a whirl, do so.

Zeno Clash 2
I am currently ensconced alone in a second world classroom with 2 different cell phones running at once. This aural assault is infuriating I can almost not even focus on the iPad. One phone is vibrating and has been for what seems like 20 minutes, the other is playing Taylor swift. And finally they are off. Zeno Clash is at heart a punk game as much as Vidiot is a punk movie. 2 is not better than 1, but as fan service it’s a worthy addition, it just builds a more complex structure of plot on something that was best left unexplained. Zeno Clash is at it’s best when primitivism and libidinal desires build up into the surrealism of a village made out of enormous cruelties. 2 understands this, but unfortunately in it’s attempts to explain Zenozik, makes the mechanics to bear it’s like Sid Viscious emerging into a sci-if film. Works well for most of the game, but scruffy up soul and body at points.

Pink Friday
I have to go like right now so I will be quick. Roman Holiday is Nikki Minaj, the rest of the albums consistent of songs at targeted demographics with a few stunners in there. The interview at the end is awesome, but Nikki needs to be more herself, with fake accent and pink Porsche. I do love the way she raps and that she over powers many Mcs on this album is all the better.

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