Surf in Thailand

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Ok so I am sitting in the Phuket airport and I am really tired, but I wanted to get this out there.

Pakarang in kao rat, this is really charming surf school run by Ching. He will pick you up from the bus stop and drive you there. Pakarang has some really nice surf, especially in the morning and the site is absolutely amazing for beginners. No white water to paddle against and the morning and evening breaks are nice, long, and gentle. Accommodations are really cheap too 300 baht per night, boards are cheap also.

Surin, this is a mother fucking hard one. Surin is a small beach near the airport in Phuket, it is almost all white water. Large rocks stick out of almost a third of the beach making most of it unsurfable except by experienced surfers. Inexperienced surfers will only be able to surf in the morning towards the late afternoon high tide rises and if you don’t know how to duck and dive and ride a short board you won’t be able to get very far. Recommend Surin for people who know what they’re doing. This beach really requires a lot of expertise to really enjoy. Boards available on the beach, but recommend you pick up a short board from salt water dreaming (it’s 20 minutes from e beach)

Kata – Kata is slightly harder than pakarang, pakarang is accessible all day long, but kata has moments that make surfing it hard. Kata is also absurdly popular as a beach and is full of surfers, swimmers, body boarders, etc. it is however an awesome ride. The first break is great for long boards the second is a bit harder to reach, but I managed it. Kata is just amaZing really and a lot of fun. It is a possible place for beginners too, but in high season it might be to crowded, even in low season kata is full of people. Boards and surf instruction available on beach.

Kata noi – kata’s rocky little sister is nowhere near the difficulty of surin, but still requires a good amount of paddling to get too and some work. The water was really dirty when I was there too with mysterious piss like foam jetting everywhere. I didn’t spend a lot of time here, but it’s a nice place to learn duck and dive and practice short board techniques. A few boards on the beach, but better to bring your own.

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