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The shopping spree

I am in week three i believe of post-ipad being. My once quaint idea of shopping has been expanded by my bloglines having become impulse buys. Indie game blogs offer me new and exciting ipad apps, i nearly bought katamarin and those interactive story games, the new one involves rain, plus of course bubble harp and oh yeah that bubble harp guy is making bjork’s interactive apps for biophilia. But the question I find myself pondering is, are we really intended to consume this much? I have over 8 ted videos waiting, a friend of mine has gigabytes of ebooks pending, gluttony is a sin and while the bible’s ethics? Morals? Quick google search leads here: which in turn leads to kindle store search for p singer and do look at his Speech it is great. Btw word press app for ipad is an absolutely horrible text editor and keeps skipping forward to the last word after i go back and try to type a word. But hey now i got an idea, what are the ethics of shopping here? What makes it permissible to buy online and for that matter is android’s stagnant market a result of apple’s customers’ morals?

First i would like to get back to what i was building towards: the ipad allows massive amounts of consumerist desire to be expressed. In terms of consumerism this thng is the orgasm inducing shower massager to the mall’s measly seductions. Dresses, software, comic books, real books, anything yout fancy or just fancied on fancy can be bought, the app store even open up to other mrkets, kindle opens another world of consumerism and the ipad does make amazon’s products look great, all my indie literature blogs have becodme try a sample blogs, back logs of inventive lit await me. Board games that sit a meter away can be played online, neuroshima hex, carcassone, even some orignal designs are there, fuck dude i was playing jinga on my ipad today, and then realized i was sitting in front of a jinga set. But consumerist desire has usually been confined by space, availability, time, and delivery, price, and probably a lot of other things i can’t quite quantify. Shopping in real life is slow, book stores most be browsed, stepping out to buy a board game might end three hours later when the store manages to sell you on a demo, comics can be flipped through, and even better their stands show all the covers and your local clerk even has them organized. The ipad allows transactions at speeds faster than anything possible, and the problem is we just don’t react to impulse buys with the same taste as we do measured transactions.

Impulse buys were invented first conceptualized by giant retail markets. As shoppingu movd from mom and pop to chain the loss was an accumulated intuitive knowledge of the customer. Your five and dime knew the trinkets that sold at the register, it took a genuis and possibly ceo of gap to figure out that chocolate bars should be at the chec out stand at old navy. Such also notes the ineffeciency of the chain model, authority extends so far as to block the local worker from actually developing an idea of the store. The app store is perhaps even worse off, it actually is written in stone, and the accumulated linguistic architecture that derives its display is hard to work with, physicsl space is more mutable than c. The app store needs to step back to web 2.0 and let mash ups bring taste to the market. I would die to have kotaku’s app store select games for me andorganize my shop front, although app recommendations are already running rampant.

Oh geez, yeah so anyway in terms of s college essay i am rambling, impulse buys the last paragraph ended with, shout outs to able bodied game journalists in need of another dime ended it. Consumerism in the impulse era means more than walking away. To tempted by that flat screen tv? Walk away, the ability to purchase it won’t follow you. That impossibility means you don’t worry about it… That much. Ipad purchases stick with you, if you want a comic book series on comixology, well guess what, even if you resist at 9 am, the same option will be there when a spare moment at work opens up around 12. The ipad makes consumption neurotic, the id knows the item is purchasable at anytime, hence the desire becomes neurotic, we begin to worry and obsess over purchases, the ability to consume is readily at hand. Consumption becomes as attainable as self stimulation, it jut requires a moment by yourself. Impulse buys require proximity,the ipad is often close to you, hence the satisfaction of s purchase lingers in each touch, checking email? Get that comic book dude. Additionally, the type of impulse purchase has changed, at barnes and noble impulse buys are chocolate, tea, and bookmarks. On the ipad 1.99 video games, 10 usd graphical apps, 15.00 usd books, and that’s just in my pile of junk, if i’m understanding correctly americans can get movies via netflix, tv shows via itunes, andof course music. My ipad remains music less because apple bans any nonitunes mp3s and itunes music store isn’t available in thailand, but not to worry bjork’s ipad album will fix that.

What makes such purchasables permissible differs. For me at least, its mostly the idea of education,i love learning to learn and being shown new things. My kids will soon be making circuits with play dough while i probably read another interesting book via kindle (provided apple doesn’t ban kindle after ibooks takes off) consumerism, especially digtal consmersm, has been sold to us on the idea of freedom, but all this information, all these games, all these little ways we’ve been taught to desire often just endin stagnation, my games pile remains a festering burr in my garden, my kindle is unmanagably burdened with books, weeding through what i bought remains difficult, but more daunting is not aquiring more.

P.s. As for biblical morality, jesus had some great things to say, a quick google search reveals

Proverbs 23:20-21 “Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh: For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.”
Proverbs 23:2 “And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.”

Additionally gluttony in the bible appears to be linked to the king james version of the bible suggesting that the use ofthe church’s authority to warn against the evils of excessive consumption was an after thought to god’s word. Btw the bible really does advise killing yourself if you like eating to much.


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