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Helix motherhood

At first it was like leaves stirring in her belly, then the soil accumulated, she began to swell. The belly was a blessing, she liked the idea of this soil churning into life. The dna test gave her thousand of snps to o through, the clinic had given her a small collection of medications to assist with the firstvfew days. An anihestimanine in case the slight autism lead to tantrums, an amyglda stimulant for the baby’s mild psyhopathy.

Kim met her in the park. Kim was famous for diaper grand pry, the toddler racing game that her husband had helped finance. The two walked by the moss covered trees and into the lake’s frosty complexion. Kim had two children, Magdalen and Amir, they spent their days with a maid who doubled as a house keeper. Monsieur was working on some soft bodies, their crocheted geometries taxing any video card Apple threw at them. Kim was skimping on ram and discussing the new game she was beginning, a photography romp through procedural cities. Monsie began to nod off when Kim returned to the same old subject, how much they lost on her blockbuster.

Of course she had diaper grand pree free of charge on an ancient sd card tucked away in the folds of a garnet. No one wanted to pay 39.99 then, no one did know. Increasingly software was like a party, she paid 5 or 6 bucks here or there to see a recommendation, but the big events, she coul not afford. She paid a small fee for an anonymous account that she torrented through, the Manitoba public net and her carrier’s network long since lost to monitors. She had no desire to

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Study in Cultural Difference

Monkey forces frog to have anal sex with it at Japanese zoo. Observe the Japanese reaction.

Monkey rapes Frog at North American Zoo. Note the cultural reactions.

Questions of note:

1. Why is there a frog in the highly controlled modern zoo environments which monkeys are kept?

2. Does this prove that bestiality is a universal simian fantasy?

3. Why do Japanese children cry at the sight of inter-species sex while North American ones begin to make lewd comments.

4. Note the cultural similarities that both cultures immediately begin to take camera phone videos of the act.

5. Note the difference between the Japanese title’s sedate mater of the fact statements to the North American all caps RAPE claim.

6. How do we know the frog didn’t want it?

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