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Sound checks hurt sometimes

With each boyfriend she got another song. One week LORD DRAGON’S WIZARD would be a ring tune, another SKELETON CREW would sound off any ims. She had begun them the moment her middle school band teacher saw her play violin. Possesed he came over and examined her, a week later Mom and Dad were in the building, “your daughter has talent,” the teacher said, mom smiled. She went to classes after school, first violin, then later guitar. Her first boyfriend asked her to play in his band. He played bass, she wafted notes from the violin, and another boy drummed. They dressed in black jeans and shirts. The band played a high school talent show. Then the boy scored a gig at a local coffee shop. She still remembers the fear of the coffee shop, these other people were impossibly cool. Some of them smoked, some of them drank, she ended up smoking pot in the back seat of a large immacutately maintined chrome beast. She kissed some dude and ended up with his number. A few different people gave her their number that night, except the really weird art dudes that gave away e-mails.

Jeremy was what she saw at home. She spied him through slated doors. He spent all his time in his games. Some times he read things (usually magazines and comics she discarded), but mostly he played games. He was particularly in love with a platformer. She liked to play it with him. The large puffy dogs would rise in the air and land on candy clouds. Jeremy would do impossible things, like jam a cake and a dog into a platform and them wiggle and waddle the beast until the cake spat out in comic mischief, rising impossible miles into a virtual sky, even their hi-def tv couldn’t handle it. She sometimes gave him things, he loved a pink slider ring she wore when she was 12. He also preferred her old bracelets and the tube socks she left in soccer cleats long out of use. Father had tried to convince him to wear the other socks and occasionally asked him to take off the rings, he refused to go outside with him unless he dressed “normally.” Finally, he enrolled him in little league.

Little League was something she was to busy for. Once, on the way to a gig, she saw him through the window, getting ready to bat at the game. The other team all came up close and she just kinda winced. At the very least they were nice to him. The guy next to her stirred as he shifted the clutch. She opened up her tablet and clicked through a few updates, she calmly palmed a few messages away and then wrote a little blog post. The gig was in less than an hour, so they had to hurry for sound check.

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The Forest

The skin had somehow changed in the night. He could feel the brittle turtle like protusions of the tree as he wandered over a few feet to the brook. The brook in turn had changed, the water was sour, strange, he recalled a candy a flash a childhood, but couldn’t center on it, he stopped drinking. The air was strangely ashen like a fire had broke through the place, and then he walked. A group of gila monsters were already sniffing around. A lonely dolphin plunked through the streams grazing on darting bits of refuse, somewhere an amalgalm of sight and smells told him, something new had broke in. He could barely make out the difference, by noon the new skins, the new smells had become normal. He saw shifts in trees, large comprehensible flocks of birds sat down on branches that faded to sour colors and dissipated like a pinch. The birds cowed to each other in swarms, their octaves breaking into impossible sonics, a borealis of sounds echoing upwards leaving only a liminal trail of wisps in the palette’s floor.

The Yeti were gathering the mountains. If he tried he might be abler to seduce them into talking to him. When a Yeti spoke the words he thought in became incomprehensible, an imitation of language that tasted like plastic on the tongue. The bird canopy existed for kilometers, but he sped up and made it out of the forest and where the rocks began, their grain was suitably familar, he could remember the slight confidence of their solidity, the way rocks speak out to you: you won’t slip. Of course when he did slip, the rocks hurt him quite bad, but at least they had the same skin, the one he’d known before.

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