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It was the summer nintendo released that pokemon game set in the big city. When Jeremy first saw the trailer, he freaked. Juho Town had the scale of Manhattan with the bubbly architecture of a cartoon. Pokeballs were lost in sewers, stolen on bikes, erupted in shopping malls. Trainers were explored the metropolis on poke-wings, poka-bouncing from rooftops, pokemon sang romantic songs to pokemon on fire escapes, gecko like pokemon walked up skyscrapers, the challenges were enermous. Jeremy imagined placing his 3 pokemon so he could parachute into a flooded rooftop and then ride a seal through the watery streets. He quietly put the new system and game on a few wishlists and then realized he was late for school.

“Really want that pokemon don’t ya?” She said in her boyfriend’s car. Jeremy saw a spider pokemon producing trampolines that launched you into the bay, “sure,” he said. The car motored through other spaces just waiting for poke-fun to enable them. The city was one vast site of energy into which sensation could now project.

All the pokelisions behind him Jeremy came into school and sat in his pokadesk with pokepen and his notepad in which Mr. Chalmers simplicities flowed. After 4 minutes of explanation the principle of the algebra problem came to him so He quietly scuttled through the pokedex, the sovereign source of all pokathings and find a few he wanted to use in the city. He began squirtling them out of his pen on paper, imagining the algebras of consumption and utility the new nintendo console would entitle. The drawings ran into the city of his desires. God did he want that game.

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