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The hunk

Ok so like the mudwalls were deep, yeah? They had like oil rubbed on ‘m. The loser climed ‘m for like 5 minutes and then self-esteem kicks in. He slid back to the floor and then he masturbated.

“Its your job to climb the walls,” the wife said. “Its like you want someone to do it for ya,” she said. He milled around aimlessly, pissed off.

There was a mathmatician in the cave too. He had come there to find himself he said. The mathmatician worked tirelessly through the night. He discovered fundamental truthes. The loser liked the mathmatician, but the mathamatician merely tolerated him. He always had a good sense of humor about the thing. He only polited edged out of conversation with him. The two got along.

Up above in that greasy blackness that is sky goblins roved reflective metal beams into the heart of pleasure. On their way to pleasure they heard voices, a gaggle of selves urging them to break the beams, but it was to late, the goblins had simply accepted they were there. The beams had sedemented, cut off the sky into carefully segmented parts of swamp. The creatures loved to wallow in them. As she passed by, a few of them called to her to lie in the thick hot mud, she kept on into the heart of pleasure and its adrenalin delights.

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OPB: Kate Bush gets to qoute Joyce, how not to die, Italian interactive architecture, Joanna Russ RIP

The Paris Review posts a nice piece on growing up identifying with Kate Bush and also Ms. Bush’s attempts to quote Joyce in one of her songs. Also Kate’s website has tons of videos on it.

Carlo Ratti is an architect working with highly interactive forms. In his TED speech he shows a building that treats water as pixels, maps Rome during the world cup via cell phone and a bunch of other clever urban landscapes.

You do not want to die like this.

There have been a few memorial posts to Joanna Russ, but Echidne of the Snakes has it best.

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