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Moccahost is broken

Once upon a time web hosting was as easy as a few clicks away these days it involves long frustrating tries at putting your phone number in a field. Anyway, was set to register my domain and give me a real website… it just really didn’t like my Thai phone number. I tried almost 15 different permutations of my number before asking live support. The following is the transcript of that conversation:

Chat Transcript
info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘Nelly’
Nelly: Welcome to MochaHost’s Live Help ! How may I help you ?
andrew: the order form won’t take my phone number in thailand
andrew: +66.0853668737
andrew: is my number
Nelly: try without the .
Nelly: dot
Nelly: please
andrew: didn’t work
Nelly: Can you please give me the link
andrew: it appears that mocha support doesn’t take numbers with international prefixes unless they’re american
Nelly: This page asks for Select a domain option:
Nelly: Register New Domain
Nelly: Transfer My Existing Domain
Nelly: I will use My Existing Domain and update My Nameservers only.
andrew: i choose register new domain
andrew: and it sent me to the verify order page
andrew: – Domain Billing phone format must be example: (+1.1234567890). Please make sure that you have entered a phone number under the Domain Billing Contact section.
andrew: that is the error
andrew: I’ve been trying to register all day
andrew: I’ve already tried
andrew: +66.0853668737
Nelly: Are you sure you use the right country code
andrew: yes Thailand is 66
andrew: i also tried number
andrew: and number
Nelly: Is this number home number?
andrew: I really hate to say this, but do you know the solution to this problem or is there anyone else I can talk to you? It’s kinda hard to believe that moccahost doesn’t support international numbers
andrew: yes
andrew: home number
andrew: +66.0853668737
andrew: +166.0853668737
andrew: +01166.0853668737
andrew: all don’t work
andrew: and are valid international calling numbers
Nelly: From which town are you
andrew: Bangkok
andrew: I’m American
andrew: but I live in Thailand
Nelly: Please let me check this for you
Nelly: Ok
andrew: ok
Nelly: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.
andrew: i tried adding 21 for bangkok
andrew: and didn’t work
andrew: I’m not so sure cell phones in thailand have area codes
Nelly: Please try with your self phone number only with the country code
andrew: yeah dude I
andrew: ‘ve done that
Nelly: And you cannot succeed?
andrew: is there anything you can do?
andrew: yes, it doesn’t work with just my country code 66 and then my phone number
Nelly: Can you please give me the link to see it
andrew: +66.0853668737 doesn’t work
andrew: ok you can’t help me and moccahost has a broken web form
andrew: good luck

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