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Someone inside me tells me Eve needs to go to New York. So we set up a vacation, an English class vacation. Ms. Eve can bring any boy she wants. She doesn’t want a boy. “I want Fah,” she says. I tell her she has to get a boy. “Oh, alright. Carbew,” she says. In the course of the game Fah ends up married to Jedi (in New York no less) and Eve is angry. I ask her why, “because I want to marry Fah,” she says. All the boys stand up, “lesbian! Lesbian!” But she doesn’t seem to care.

Homosexuality is at heart about identity, but that someone can desire that clearly towards a category others despise is the issue, Eve has been taught at 11 to hide who she wants to be. More interesting for a second a group of children came face to face with what bilitis consists of. Yet, no one has turned around the issue, applied the construction of sexuality to their own. These children are also way to young for the politics of dating yet.

I’d like to posist the following idea: that there are a signficant population of people out there that wrote over the original impulses of identity and end up stranded, fractured, with out a real opinion of a soul. Lets hope that Eve doesn’t end up one of those.

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