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Quite often when we talk about games we discuss the neurocognitive effects of them. The neurocognitive model is the idea that games let us learn with out necessarily being conscious of it. Bioshock for instance requires a lot preplanning for each mission, plasmids need to be swapped, environments take into consideration, things like that.
The neurocognitive everything bad is good for you has a minor problem. It’s called fruits ninja. The game is very simple, you swipe the screen and slice fruit. The game is wonderful, I have never played anything that so vividly makes smell part of the game. If we examine the game from the viewpoint of false consciousness, we are learning some rudimentary hand eye cordination for the reward of a second of that fruit feeling. But, and this is the problem interactive media faces, simulation can addict us to different things and in fruits ninja I don’t think I’m learning very much. Still its gonna stick around on the phone a little while.

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OPB: Architecture, The origins of politics, Ryoji Ikdea, Dirt

City of Light (which is a blog I miss) has a good book review

“”No more than a couple of times in an era, a building comes along that fully transcends its specialised context—that is, that challenges and intervenes within developments taking place across an entire society. Such a building forces us to acknowledge that the shaping of subjectivity and the organisation of (productive and other) forces in a society are dynamic activities, which can be understood as somehow ubiquitous design processes that are guided by invisible hands. Sometimes an architectural work can make these processes palpable, or like a delicate servo-mechanism guiding a much larger machine, it can modulate the larger system’s output in such a way as to make its dynamic apprehensible. In these cases nothing is more stifling and misleading than forced recourse to the technical languages and concepts of architectural appreciation and analysis.” [emphasis added]”

– Kwinter on the Pompidou Center.

The fruits of Vietnam are fairly standard fare for the Asian traveller, but a few in there are new to me and need to be sampled.

Reg (I don’t actually know her) posts some AMAZING stuff, but these snipplets from a cultural history of Dirt are amazing. Love the victorian cholrea suit.

Denns Cooper posts anything you ever wanted to know about Japanese minimalist Ryoji Ikeda.

Marginal Revolution reports on a book dealing with the origins of political order.

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