OPB: Pale Kings (Wallace’s last novel), Minecraft becomes a WII themed FPS, everyone inside the spectacle!

April 17, 2011 at 8:39 am Leave a comment

David Foster Wallace, whose novels I found less interesting than his articles, died last year. His editor has compiled all the cuts of his last novel into one semi-finished book. the reviews are great, especially recommend the nytimes review, salon’s review is ok, via the millions who also note the kindle version is out.

What was bound to happen to minecraft?  A WORLD WAR TWO THEMED FPS. Yes, the duties of trenches and blowing up enemy fortresses have been called into action by a little indie dev. Rock, paper, shotgun is in love with the game (haven’t dl’d it yet, but it does look intriguing). It’s funny, when I first started playing minecraft, I had the idea of doing a procedurally generated mod in source, but ace of spades looks more promising than the xbox 360 clone and it’s use of destruction is surprisingly unfascist for a game which will probably involve Hitler in the near future.

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Video Games: Destrucibility or Fascist Violence Codes

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