OPB: New China Meiville, lost Kubrick Film, dating A.I. on facebook

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China Meiville’s new novel involves an alien race with a language with peculair linguistic properties. On another note, io9’s plot description goes a little to spoilerish for my tastes,  although apparently the plot pointed spoiled is just a speck in what’s apparently an even more surreal story.

Kottke.org finds Stanley’s Kubrick’s Fear and Desire on google video. Fear and Desire is Kubirck’s first film. Of course google video is shutting down soon so watch it soon. Kottke credits this blog with first calling it to their attention. Who also found this list of artists in Documenta 13.

It’s been pointed out that A.I. in video games is primarily there to facilitate male fantasies, we can apparently successfully emulate the intelligence required for an action movie goon squad to take out your team in a warzone… but said Goon squad would not be able to tell who to make friends with in the POW camp or how to date the girls from dance dance revolution. UC Santa Cruz has posted details of a game called Prom Date in which you have to successfully socially solve various puzzles.  The game is set for a facebook launch, and is part of a recent wave of a.i. based story telling games that challenge the traditional idea of narrative. It seems as the spectacle of CGI’s conquest walks out of the uncanny valley, video gamia’s Academia has moved on to teaching the computer to put down verse.

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