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In koh tao this week snorkeling with sharks. I know… it costs like 20 bucks in Thailand to do these things. Anyway, these are some links from other people’s blogs worth reading.


Bldgblog starts with a technology intended for golf courses and ends up terraforming the world. In other words just another day at bldgblog.

boing boing

Boing Boing excavates the back and forth of gender in children’s toys. Is anyone in the high tech field actually “normally” gendered or is gender malfunction somehow endemic to being a “nerd”?

indie games blog

Indie games blog has found a game that intreprets 5 canonical novels into video games… and then finds a link between. P.s. also check out chewy on indie games hub looks cool.

unicode the movie
Grand text auto links to a movie in which each frame is one character from unicode and given i believe one second. It takes 33 minutes in other words to spend even a second on all the characters that make up our information world. There’s definitely a lot more to this, but sadly I’m not taking jared lanier’s advice and thinking about my post rather I’m thinking as I post… it’s what the jazz dudes do.

One qoute from James Gleick’s The Information:

Language is not  a technology… language is what the mind does.

Thanks for clarifying that James 🙂

Anyway, I have massive sunburn, hang over, exposure, and sea sickness.

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At the tail end of the uc digital film course there is a project due. Daniel knew what his was about. He had already unfurled the plot to his advisor. It involved at least 17 Academic terms, a couple references to Borges and was at heart a story from Wilde. A cgi designer at a hollywood special effects firm becomes enamoured with the idea of duplicating himself in various rendering softs. As his model grows more realistic he begins to waste away. Daniel described it as Ballardian.

He had trouble finding anyone to play the lead. Walks through pomona’s grass or stanford’s cafeterias failed to find even a voice, so he decided to do it himself. The film was all digital and included a few flourishes that made this apparent, he invented a circular world in his machine and in lieu of cutting the camera simply walked through walls or flipped the gravity to the next scene. He tried his own voice, but it became easier when he decided on a silent film. The picture was a mild success, at least enough to get him into graduate school with a scholarship and so he moved to D.C.

Two weeks into the first semester he met her. She was at an ethipoan restaurant scoffing down vegan suppers with friends. He was just there for take out. She ran into him in line and they began to talk. She had seen his film. They split a cab. She got his number.

She was a journalism major. Her friend’s friend was one of those dude who hops military lines to blog about global conflicts. There was a war. He uploaded photos. In the middle of the conflict he found something in a knocked over communications vechile, a long ovular casing with the imprint of an American arm’s company on it. He opened the casing.

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