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Daniel started with the shoe, he copied it and he found a pearl in another user’s account. He began to form the scene, the man returning to his wife, but Kalimat managed to subvert this, the scene would jump signifiers, become confused, Daniel was desperate to see these obfuscated rag dolls, but Kalimat only left video and models, none of the processes’ motions remained.

RE stood over him, “never had one that liked to play with dolls,” he said, “its from film school, this guy is doing something interesting.” Daniel replied “What’s he doing?” Asked RE, “something with signification, I can’t figure it out, its like he doesn’t want us to know the dolls’ movements.” “Do you think he’s trying to hide something from the cloud?” Asked RE.

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nolly wizard

She made her way out of the school and spied the same kid, alone on the bench as she always did. His hands indolating waiting, his posture implying a ride. She made her way past him and then out to the bus routes where she found the closet bus to MISSPISSYDEATHSTENCH’s abode.​ A large blue chrome behemoth came in, and she sat next to an African couple with bags of Nigerian DVDs and sugar cane drinks. She stared out the window at the rolling gausian blur as if photoshop was running in real time on the world around her, she began to wonder about misspissydeathstench. Who would fly a helicopter around a game and not even play? Did she have a boyfriend? It seemed like she did, she was older, those girls had boyfriends. She began to think of Jess again, the two of them fighting off hoards of satanists in the chapel, him taking her to the chapel, in the chapel, the chapel.

She fell asleep on the bus, the couple woke her up as they were getting up and she asked where they are. They motioned outside, “Westland is that way.” the nigerian woman said pointing. She had missed her station. She had never used a bus before. She asked the bus driver how to get to Catelan Memorial High School, he simply shoke his head, “this is the end of the line,” he said, “you gotta get out here.” “Can I take another bus?,” she asked, “this is the last bus. Shouldn’t have slept through your station. Call a cab.” The nigerian couple offered to walk her to their shop. She cautiously made her way out of the bus with them, she was about to cry.​ The couple walked about 2 shops over and then put the keys in the door. The door opened onto a dusty little grocery store, stacked with African magazines, exotic produce, and a humming fridge in which her benefactor put his palm sugar drinks. ​She sat down and the man asked her if she wanted a coffee. She’d never had coffee before, but she was also nearly frozen in anxiety. She managed to meep out a yes. He brought two cups over and they sat down at a little table. That’s when her phone made the facebook chime.

Jessica had never been completely alone. Her Dad had always been there, and when he wasn’t there, the train was there. A thick, iron, procession of box cars charted through their backyard and between it and the jet screams overhead, it was hard to imagine the world ever being empty. In the playlist that organized her memories, Jess had been eternally in the next segment. On the occasions he had the ability to kiss her, he had somehow passed. For the past 3 years they had been the best of friends. That’s why she began to cry when she opened up facebook and found Jessie ___ is in a relationship with Caroline ______. Tears balled down her face, she made uncontrollable whining noises as the sleeves of her sweatshirt rolled over her hands. She cried and cried and collapsed into the darkness of her arms as the man asked, “Are you alright?” “I wanna go home,” she moaned. “Do you need a phone darling?,” the woman asked, “No, I just have to call my Dad,” she pandered. As she reached up to get her phone, her sweatshirt knocked over the coffee, a long brown stain ran down her arm, she felt a wincing pain as the coffee singed her, she started to sob again, her hand jack knifed pain into her brain, the Nigerian man took her phone, “Allow me,” he said, “he thumbed into contacts and found Dad, “is this it?,” he asked, “Yes,” she murmured as he swiped the call button, and she heard the man explain to her Dad their location, “he wants to talk you,” he said. The man handed over the phone and she heard her dad say, “Everything alright pumpkin?” “No, I’m so lost… I don’t even know where I am,” she moaned. “Jess, you know I don’t get off work till 10,” he said, “can you stand tight for just a little?,” he asked, “Dad, I wanna go home,” she said. “Just stay with those folks a little longer,” he coaxed, “I’ll be there in an hour.” She argued back and forth for a few moments and then she tried to call a few of her friends, but not one had a car. That’s when something caught her in the right of her eye, right outside the window, on top of the mini-mart, purple robes beaming  and his eyes staring at her and she made a quick motion to the store keeper before she quivered and passed out.

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