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The Portrait

Daniel ordered a new subscription through amazon and sat around with Adesh working on the usability features for a video editor they were producing.  Melissa came in and they all discussed the terrabyte of photos she was supposed to sort. Adesh had been given a small percentage of them, but Daniel was resisting, he didn’t want to spend days working through the batch, figuring out what routine the machine would need to copy from him to learn irony. He saw the cloud reacting to his algorithms, following the course of his thoughts, learning from the branches of what it would assume as logic and then Adesh was gone, through a door of his demising.

The video editor composited multiple views of an object to produce a 3D image. Somewhere out there someone was running a cell phone around a lot of stuff, virtual chairs, statues, and other things were popping up in a catalog Daniel kept an eye on. These pieces were suitable for games, virtual worlds, chat rooms, and unintentionally their own abodes. It had already come under fire for pirating several prominent statues and other art pieces. Copyright complaints went back and forth and the service’s precarious nature meant that all the ops eyed it daily, waiting on that moment all that free stuff would stop.

Daniel had several subscriptions in the editor. He pawed around the various knick knacks a CEO in Sweden was scanning in, and then he looked quickly at a couple highlanders in Kenya who were scanning in their robes. Daniel had settled on Kalimat’s feed though primarily. Everyday he produced a few objects, smallish things, little details. Earrings, gloves, the occasional table.Kalimat made basements in the cloud’s data services and filmed videos with nothing more than an earring for a girl and a shoe for a man, but Daniel could sense something in them. Kalimat was testing the lengths of the portrait, where and when the signification of a person or an intention began or started. Daniel had quietly filed his work under art.

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Don’t Touch Huggly


At times the preservation of art’s status destroys the possibility of a piece. Here thai artist Jenjira Prapantha has knitted an amazing intervention on the first floor of the gallery, but this highly touchable play thing (which would be much more interesting as a sculpture you can interact with) is sadly untouchable.

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Christian Marclay The Clock

If you keep up with the art world you probably already know that Christian Marclay was working on a piece where in a film is a clock. My initial response to the idea was… that sounds stupid, but people far more intelligent than I think it’s sublime. Of course like anything by Marclay the more you think about it, the cleverer it becomes, a film that’s more than a film, it probably has a tie in to Deluezean film theory that it’s to early in the morning for me to see, but anyway people are pirating film works online these days, so enjoy these youtube clips below. As Zadie Smith noted, the film is actually quite good, and that’s perhaps the biggest surprise of The Clock, when I heard about it I thought it would end up like one of Warhol’s experiments conceptually necessary, but boring on the screen, but Ms. Smith is quite correct the work is actually captivating.

I would add some commentary, but click that first link and Zadie Smith will startle you with her commentary, thank you pirates of New York for digi-caming this for us. I had read the film was being streamed online somewhere, but am unable to find that stream… then again I woke up like 3 minutes ago…

p.s. it’s now later in the day and my critical functions are working, but I haven’t come to any conclusions beyond what Smith got to in her article. Essentially the film operates in clock time ala Bergson, but presents us with a variety of subjective time states ala film. I like that for Smith Paul Newman is his own time zone, and that in film a day can last 2 hours or a second, time argues Deleuze is the means that cinema produces meaning, by cutting according to clock time Marclay has cut across subjectivities, but in the resulting work time slows and crawls, speeds up, speeds the time-image decimates clock to the point that one loses track of the work’s functional ability to operate as a clock… maybe clock time is more complicated than Bergson thought?

I love the way it subverts the idea of a clock as an accurate keeper of time in lieu of the reality of how time actually exists, as subjective, varied, differing.


p.s. new yoker apparently has a revelation or two watch’n it too, but sadly such content is behind dollar’s bars.

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