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Little White Ear Buds is an amazing blog about techno, however their interview with Uwe Schmidt is even more amazing than their ordinary content. Highly recommend it,

“My problem with what’s still called “electronic music” today, and which sadly only means “dance music,” is the fact that it appears to be and is marketed as “progressive” music, while truth is that it has not developed in any significant form for the last 20 years or so.”

“It’s always been of importance, to any artist, to transform your times into YOUR times. More and more so this has become an almost impossible task. Quoting Gary Clail, who said in one of his recent interviews something like “We all are edits.” I really love that phrase, because it explains so well our current state, as well as the current difficulty: to become aware of the edits and finally to start re-editing yourself!”


The Dalai Lama’s ‘Deception’: Why a Seventeenth-Century Decree Matters to Beijing

The New York Review of Books describes the exacting historical process behind the Dali Lama’s recent decision to depose himself and form a democratic government (in reality this is his second attempt to do this, he tried to make Tibet a democracy before the Chinese occupation) and tells the rather interesting tale of a 17th Century Tibetian Lama who had other monks impersonate him in order to fool the Chinese.


What do you do with a million dollar surgical robot? PLAY BOARD GAMES!!!

Speaking of board games Chimera Isle looks cool.

Each player picks a head, torso, and tail from a body pile at random to make a random creature. Then various environment cards are laid out. The active player decides on one environment card and everyone picks the creature they think is best suited to that environment using anonymous cards. You then reveal your card and boom one creature is the winner! Of course it gets more complex, you see you don’t have to bet on your own creature and each creature has shares, if you own shares in the winning creature, you get points, but other players can buy out your shares! A designer’s diary is here. This game is also notable because it’s print on demand and is only available through thegamecrafter.com

My first purchase from thegamecrafter is incomplete, sadly they don’t offer discount shipping to Thailand.


Finally A researcher back from Sengal might have spread an insect virus from there to his wife through sex. Yeah, the heterosexuals sometimes introduce new STDs too.

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