Lightning Jesus

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Lightning Jesus had the pink side plates on her armour you got if you bought the discoverer edition of the biblical code for girls, she had a scope that had been thrifted from trade markets and a purifier 600 assault rife she crafted from a couple Satanists drops and some holy water. The cad for her suits shoes had been blessed by the pope. The bioorganic armor had a halo because she paid Miguel a buck for the luminosity. Bigbaby had darker armor drenched in a kinda baptist blue an ancestor to the gospel’s suits, armour jesus had spent 15 bucks decking his suit out and his armor bulged with steel sinew, his back reminded her of a country singer she saw on the television, his farm hand torso so taught that lines of muscle shone through the under shirt.

Caroline had the same pink side plates and Miguel had given her a halo. She preferred a lazer pistol with an engraved circle grip and sticky bombs. Jessica instantly ran into the respawn room and replaced her pink sidelets with a more robust armored variant. Her legs looked the chrome on pick up trucks, she was strangely satisfied with their heft. Caroline was now aiming with a strang rainbow like aiiming reticule. It produced 3 half rings in the air above the pistol. Jessica new everything about the guns and she silently knew the pistol would do no good. Focusing its beam on the satanists is the problem, a shotgun takes a few good blasts, the lazer pistols a remarkably steady and unbroken aim. Jess said she was good, but jessica had her down as the next medic ya know like the slutty satan nurses than ran around healing everyone. The timer kept counting down.

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