Gamer Church

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After dinner she cleaned the kitchen and made her way to the bedroom and watched a few more wizard videos. Every one had the same purple clad wizard, somehow transposed in it for a second and each one features magical contrivances that anyone with after effects could do, but the problem was the facial expressions. As she im’d Jess, “I don’t think that kid is faking. He looks really scared.” “The girl in mexico, she’s honestly freaking out,” Jess returned. She sighed a little and waited for Jess to return to the Skype window. Jess, the guy who was gonna take care of her, was her nickname for him. She imagined them night after night, climbing over terrian, dusty panaromas of grime, over war zones, into canyons, onto the river. They climbed together, ya know as equals, and in their suits they saw the lights of alien worlds. In her dreams he took her to alien bases, were they were captured and as POWs forced to claw each other, whip each other, till she gave in, and he revealed he had set the whole thing up. He was an asshole that way. At school she and Caroline would discuss him before she went into the game room to discuss strategy with Jess.

Jess was surrounded by a group of other boys who apparently had heard of the Church league and wanted to sign up. Miguel, who moonlighted as BigBabyJesus, was expounding on some hentai game he found on an fserve and had managed to master. Apparently it involved eversercating school girls in the tunnels under some amusement park. She saw panicked little girls fleeing from Miguel’s desires, just as the noticed a peculiar stillness in her pocket and realized almost everyone she knew was in this building. No cellphone was ringing, no vibrations from girlfriends, no tweet alerts, everyone had turned off their phones, just like they did at church. Jess began by describing their idea, of holding a service in the game every Sunday. He then began to explain the problem, every Sunday a bunch of a-holes from some metal forum came in and tried to desecrate their Church. Sometimes, they succeeded, and dead goats, blood, and graffiti adorned the walls and sometimes they failed. The game ran all of Sunday and the local minister had asked Jess to extend invitations to them. Did they want to join the gamer church?

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Gamer Church The itchiness of identification

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