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On her messenger she received another one of those links. Miguel had simply left it there,, minimalist in the white scroll. A click later she saw the boy on the basketball court and then floating through the air the boy magically sank a basket. The video came to a jerky halt. “WTF is this? I’m in the middle of a game” she im’d him, “it’s real,” he said, “Daniel saw it.” “Where!?” “At the park.” “This is CGI dude.” “Believe what you want, but Daniel saw it,” She quickly thumbed through the other user’s videos, a group of teenagers are walking by 7-11 / gunfire ​​Ok so Lightning Jesus was on the stairs and Big Baby Jesus was screaming something about Satanists on the flank and then through the court yard she saw them. The file manager still didn’t work / Their horned helmets ​bobbing o​ver the sides of the wall, predescribed paths of heavy weaponery circulating with the ease of a cell phone you find in your pocket in the middle of a marathon / one of the boys dissapears. Their armored visors were adorned with sigils & barbs, the disciples swaddled messages / the panic architecture purred an email / into their headseats and said their prayers, their church was being infiltrated. ​The demons soldiers came in the lead with horns emerging from their helms merging with bio-organic horrors that ended in little claws around virtual triggers / the children were yelling in alarm.

She was a shock trooper, a simple assault rifle and some grenades were her weapons. On the leader boards she came in seventh place regionally, BigBaby was their sniper, in the background she heard the teenagers in the film speaking in Spanish, Big Baby grabbed some ammo packs and lay on the cold marble floor of the church’s attic. As she saw Pepper laying down power pills the Satanist’s approaching microphones blared slowmo screams from a crank effects on electricty and strings, she heard the girl in the tube clip alarmingly calling out in Spanish for her friend again, the medics dropped more power pills, floating ellipses that generated health. The game with infinite respawns/ the girl was crying/ a heavy metal done eminated their Church. The heavies lugged themselves with surprising alacrity into position, preparing to storm as the futile cries of a few South American teenagers came to an abrupt close. The metal drones grew steadier as she checked the courtyard’s missile supply and began to work her way down to the corridors were her shock trooper’s arsenal was best, shotguns for the close range combat and an assault rifle. Pepper007 followed her part of the way and peppered the corridor’s angles with power pills just as she expected him to. She saw Armour Jesus pick up the rocket launcher and Big Baby had already scouted the angles with the sniper rifle. the Satanists were running into the court yard behind the olde graves and mosques. Pepper dropped a few more power pills behind a few graves and prepared his pistol for the onslaught. Respawn,  she alt-tabbed back to youtube, comments: he’s at 1:17, she clicks, and wizard is now behind the TAB the first Satanist infiltrated with rifles, flooding the courtyard with fire as they rolled towards the graves and then SkeletorsBalls44 came in with rocket launcher magically evading their bullet fire before managing to snag pepper with a rocket as he receded into the corridors. Pepper would heal provided he made it into the sanctuary. Respawn TAB the wizard is gone, she clicks back to 1:15 on the timeline, but this time she doesn’t see him TAB the repsawn room.

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ChangMai Gamer Church

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