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Additional edge notes

Ok so a few things, the game differs from other platformers in that its an easter egg hunt, you have to find the route, not everything is highlighted in runner visionĀ  red. The later might sound annoying, but in fact figuring out how to get from roof to roof is quite fun except when a helicopter is potentially killing you. So search is our first mechanic in mirror’s edge.
The cops are strong in this game. Disarming them isn’t to hard, but the cops are much better with weapons than faith, hence we have avoidance vs confontration. The game underpowers in order to make npcs a catalyst for you to find a route fast.
Games are apparently turning our brains into.gpus. we are capable of advanced graphical processing in ways similar to the virtuso use of language in shakespeare’s day. What mirror’s edge does is slowly lead us towards processing its roofs and tunnels in a new light, we become attenuated to pipes, running up sheet metal and q jumping to platforms, sliding over fences, the game requires more advanced sight than many games and its kinetics lead us to forget that it is a primarily.linear game, this is a game that focuses attention on detial and moves in such a blur we don’t register that we’re being led down such linear paths.

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