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Mirror’s edge

Its not to hard to see why mirror’s edge failed. The game lacks the perspective of prince of persia and the rewind effect too, but what it has an excellent sense of timing, hitting shift at just the right moment for a parachute roll takes skill, typing q to chain jumps is a tad bit difficult, the game on normal is rather difficult, death comes about many times, but i found myself playing, trying to figure out how to get past the cops with out stealing a gun (my faith is a cop killer) and the game is merely suggestive where other games lead the way m.e. feels very open world even when yiu’re confined to hallways it beats the modern fps by simply making options avialable. But it lacks the polish of dice’s other efforts battlefield bad company 2 had me enthralled with the characters i really felt for those guys (i might just preorder bf3) even though bad company is almost on rails and borrows call of duty’s worst moments, but its the genuine openess of m.e. that makes it work, you really don’t have to kill the cops, you really can climb a few different ways, the game makes good on the idea of video game architecture as a nonlinear open set of possibilities and it does this with out stupidly obvious binaries like sacrificing gremlins for tickets in epic mickey. I found myself worrying that this noir might end badly if i keep killing cops. I’m only past jack knife but i still want to play. The game’s story and voice acting really need work though. Also playing cave story and love the characters and pacing, possibly my favorite game at the moment. Here’s hoping battlefield 3 has more if m.e.s possibilities and less of the corridors the environments that force filmic meaning into what are brilliantly laid down worlds.

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