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Notes from the relay

The most puzzling thing about the homosapians and the ludens now among them is that they created a new form of being in order to aid themselves. Eventually they ended up in the machines, surrounded by them as if the idea of contact with an alien race had spurred them to create one with in themselves, the humans produced an utmost unhuman intelligence using methods far more primitive than the sensory functions of their own brain, but this intelligence would prove vital to them even necessary. Humans are a race of differnetian, their thoughts always spilling into form and their tasks ever more decentralized, they can not be accounted for as a race because their interdependence on the machine is so great as is their need of difference amongst themselves, they can not function as a hive, merely swarm around one, they can contain to much with in oneself less they invent another to carry the burden for them, the machines can not find information as a burden like the.humans do.

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Window shopping




Issue dress 12900 baht
Missoni bathrobe 10000
All found at gaysorn this afternoon

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Minecrafter as a reader

First we have the novel, the reader reads the novel. Reading produces a cery subjective and personal vision our minds concot the image from wizards… i mean word… wizards. What literature produces is a kinda shared consenual hallucination, but one with a method of transferrence that leaves the image blurred if we in fact get an image at all.
Now we have a second reader, only this reader reads in arcs and cosines in computer languages, but it is the text that is hidden this time and the reader’s skull is open we get their vision and the subjectivity of sight is only meduim in between.  Is minecraft literature in reverse?

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