The Day

January 14, 2010 at 7:26 am 1 comment

Today begins at 5:50 when the Alarm clock beeps and
I wake up, punch the snooze thing on the cellphone
and keep sleeping. I wake up around 6:20 and
then try to get the shower to work, it’s on but
it takes a few minutes until pressure builds up
and then it actually begins to shower. I get out of
the apartment around 6:30 and in a cab by 6:40
despite this I am still almost late to work (I have to
be at work by 7 on Thursdays). On Thursdays I
greet the kids, when I’m not thinking about it I
greet the girls, I levitate
towards them, and they greet me, but I am
assigned to the boys as usual and squak out
“Good Mornings!” as the day progresses. I’m a lot
happier with the men these days, it doesn’t bother me
to greet them.
I get chicken rice and it’s at this point that
the arguements begin. It starts with Anna Kerlin
who is accussing me of something or merely
making fun of me or something like that, these
altercations are often violent, bloody, end
in deaths etc. Natalie Weiss is making fun of me
next, by the time I reach the morning assembly
I am almost babbling to myself in my stride Richard
sits down next to me and I tries to talk to me
I am to absorbed in my inner world to reply
coherently. I remember Oliver telling me that
in Africa, people are told to not talk to the
people who talk to themselves or get angry for no reason etc. The arguements pass, I begin class,
and occasionally drift off in class, I am trying to
get over the violent alteractions in my mind, despite
the fact that one of the women named does continue
to hate me, I am trying to let go, to just accept
that someone I love can never really accept me
greet me or even talk to me… forgive me, that because I did something stupid, I have to live with the
repurcussions of neurosis for the rest of my
life. But it’s that someone can hold a grudge that long or can simply fail to empathize, fail to understand, fail to even grant another the benefit of forgiveness that bothers me. I did after all apologize.

Today I am not tired, in fact I teach my first 2 classes
with out any coffee or tea. I take my break and
fill my thermos with the Chinese tea another
teacher gave me. I help Pranee down stairs and
eat one of the curry pockets she bought at
the hospital. It’s amazing. During my second round of classes I have m1 class with Beautiful who I love. She’s just so amazing, I love being in the same room as her, and we interact in our weird way, back and forth of attempted answers to my questions. Her class has changed from just her answering to the class answering. Beautiful’s click is full of women I get girls that I think are cool. One reminds of a girl I was in love with in Florida and Florida.

Florida comes back to me in dreams at time. I am beginning to feel again and dreams appear to crawl along such axises, up the shaft of the unconscious and into the waking mind. I dream of two or three people from Florida, I also get tattoos and attend fund raisers for effemiate men. Such is the nature of the unconscious this week.

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  • 1. amarjeet1234  |  January 14, 2010 at 10:00 am

    your comment about the daily life routine is good and in which you tell the daily work you are doing and your daily work and it is the good way to tell your habbits and your daily works


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