yeah… I did oh wait sorry it’s more clever if I title it Oops… I did it again.

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Ok so today I wrote a 250 word article on ferret insurance in order to possibly be paid 200 usd to write about ferret insurance more often. Now, I like ferrets, I mean really their nice animals, loveable, possibly disease ridden, but why am I the expert on ferret insurance? I am asked to write an article on I write one. I go to Club Culture and run into Bloom, we sit around and talk a little, I try to convince her to buy a Blythe doll with me, I want shared custosdy, I get it on Thurs to Saturday she gets it monday to wednesday, on sundays it sits it in its box. This seems about right for a shared custody kid. Club Culture turns out to be fun, I’m in the mood to dance and some new Le Tigre like track comes on with that girl kinda screaming over it. For a second I the whole judith butler performativity thing makes sense to me, gender is just a series of behavoirs, girls dance, guys mimic, everyone plays their role. I meet up with Ark and Kevin and end up at G.O.D. GOD is like the gay club you don’t take your straight friends too. This is mostly because it involves drugs, nudity, and dance music so loud my ears were ringing afterwards. At GOD I run into Chris who tells me that the gay scene in the U.S. is really racist, in Thailand however, everyone wants to sleep with a black guy. I am offered cocaine… twice. The night ends and I end up talking to some british guy who has wire frame glasses and had I passed in the street would have assumed had two kids, a mortage, and possibly three wives. He probably does. He proceeds to tell me that if you want to go home with a guy just ask, he says all these guys are dying to suck caucasian cock. I gingerly take his advice and make some, do you want me to sit with you movements to some thai guys. They look horrified. One of them points at his friend, I tell him he has a nice skull necklace, he looks offended. I try to walk down to park bridge and end up with one of those dudes who follows tourists around trying to get you to go his all night dance club. I end up… as usual… with two ladyboys. I go home with one. Can’t get erect for more than 15 seconds, but strangely she decides to fuck me… twice… and then says she’s not finished. Apparently she sings at a club, she gives me her number. night over. just another ladyboy story. I need to get girly quick, this shit is starting to piss me off.

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Zot! The Complete Black and White Collection by Scott McCloud sisters… twin sisters no less

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