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Discourses need to die or The Helmet of Horror

Reading so much of eighties and nineties Academic discourse, one is struck by the constant need to leave the question open. Queer Theory was supposed to be open ended and eternally defining itself, deconstruction never stops, linguistics are lost in translation. These frequent extensions of an ideas’ lifespan by trying to turn them from Territorial Beasts into paradoxes and enigmas that forever buzz in the brain’s eyes seem little more than stances, but post-modernism can at times feel like a rainforest full of nats, ancient ideas of substance being obscured by an over-analyzed and glossy field of parasitic sub-theories but questions that leave huge open arcs in the self, a philosophy of thinking that requires the reader to constantly formulate new discourses to fill them, but ultimately leads less to cohension, but to a maze in which the writer is placing herself along with her peers, their voices leading not to conclusions, but rather to absorption their story writing others into the text, giving them new stories to fullfill etc. Open endness is the nature of enquiry, not a feature that necessarily needs to be included in a set of ideas. Such seems to be the point of Pelevin’s The Helmet of Horror.

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