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I’m not dsylexic my kyebaord is jstu rellay sitcky

see above

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mayeb it’s just me?

There’s a peculair feeling one gets when one has been over the world a few times. A kinda slowing down of culture of how slow the local is to injest the whole. So complicated is the memeosphere that it’s download times are measures in decades, its movements in centuries. At times walking through Japan’s nearly derelict expanses of age, one is forced to consider the question, is it really all over? Has the world really begun to end? Is this party over and the ideas decaying, so many cramped into the world’s neurosis, that they’ve merely succumbed to impact wounds, never making it over the rise, or is the world merely lacking in theory, perspective, the new. p.s. JUST POPPED AN ANTI-DEPRESSANT. FIRST THOUGHT AFTER PROZAC BEGINS TO HIT.

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at times when I realized I’m locked in this person, set in this self, it just annoys me. If you took myself and set it in space, I’d be a thistle of brambles. Ketamine is about the closest I’ve come chemically to describing what it’s like to be me, just mute and content to die. Passion in check, withering. If the software ain’t right, if the self isn’t in alignment then life isn’t enjoyable, but far worse is to be in purgatory now. Hell at least has a feeling.

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