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Why Godzilla is a metaphor for Japanese Nuclear Anxiety

Several Reasons why Godzilla is a metaphor for Japanese nuclear anxiety

1. He could have died from any of a million mundane things such as a tapeworm infection.

2. Taking the above, he often could only be detained by scientests or other monsters

3. This reveals the Japanese inherint desire to become monster scientests bettered by fallout.

But let’s imagine that Godzilla did die from a tapeworm infection. How would this change the plot of Godzilla?

1. It would need to be more dramatic.

2. It would need pathos

3. It would have to be driven by a logic that compels the audience to feel for Godzilla

4. Godzilla could only be moderately bad, for his vanquishing at the hands of science must be sweet justice for the world’s most austere authority.


Plot Synopsis: Stung by a mosquitto in the bush, Godzilla’s mother begins to show the signs of Japanese encephalitis. As the once mighty matriach of their clan descends into senitility Godzilla and his brother must find a way to cure her. After centuries of evolution, the Godzillas have been left over-sized and possibly helplessly. Unable to pick or mix the right ingredidents to slow his mother’s ailment, Hurk Godzilla is forced to torment animals to find and mix the right ingredients with their miniscule hands. Breaking long standing bonds of respect of in the animal kingdom and potentially throwing the Island community towards mutiny. Meanwhile Godzilla Godzilla, the wayward son, battles a tapeworm infection as he paddles to shore fighting Mothra and others monsters along the way, hoping to find in neighboring Japan a Doctor with a vaccination large enough to cure his life-giver.

The central problem of many foreign stories and especially why Godzilla made a good movie in the U.S., but wasn’t necessarily worthy of an international sequel beyond reasons of camp, was that American audiences weren’t recieving the same culture wide ease, of seeing their scientests burk advertisity, and become the oversized monster scientests of nationalist fairy tales. The Japanese were mythologizing the blast into a plot point, and commidfying it.

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