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It is De’s birthday and he calls. He has a certian desperation in his voice, “it’s my birthday he says and no one has given me a present.” this is said with out any cry for sympathy. I package up two new Antony projects Hercules and Love Affair and the Another World ep and drag off to Silom. The bar is fairly empty, Maitree sings karoake with a guy who confesses his sexual confusion to me. An Indian cross-dresser lurks around. While eating a gyro a ladyboy performances a dance to Whitney Houston on some scooters. The second club I used to DJ at in Silom is now closed. But what stays, as we talk outside the bar and I nearly fall asleep, is how small it all is, despite all the hype, despite all the supposed openness of our society, it’s really quite small. The gays stay hands clasped, with their beers and cigars. They all remind slightly of Bruce La Bruce characters. It’s terribly sad, the indian cross dresser is British, she shakes my hand firmly and sings along to Britney Spears. We watch some dancer from DJ Station who is pondering over his painting, his windows open, shirtless with brushes, his head at times in pain ducked into his knees, other times standing up, awaiting attention.

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Missing Links and Barbelith verification

My delicious isn’t working, so some missing links:

Long Neck Women of Thailand – Thailand Kayan Tribe – Marie Claire Article in which several tribeswomen are interviewed and depict their situation as imprisonment in the interests of tourism.

On the banking situation

YouTube – The Bangles – Going Down To Liverpool

Minilogue – Animals on Vimeo

YouTube – Wabash Cannonball – Blind Willie McTell

YouTube – Blind Willie McTell – Southern Can Is Mine

YouTube – Blind Willie McTell – Lonesome Day Blues

Anne Powers compared Joanna Newsome to her: Ruth Etting – The Song is Ended 1927

YouTube – Ruth Etting – Shakin’ The Blues Away

YouTube – Joan Baez, Diamonds and Rust – Live, 1975

YouTube – Cartola e seu Pai – O Mundo é um Moinho

Mapping the human brain

Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: The email effect: experiment shows typing encourages lying

“Of every dollar paid to the American work force in 2008, almost 10 cents went to people working at investment banks and other finance companies, up from about 6 cents or 7 cents throughout the 1970s and ’80s.” It was for a good reason though. from: Punctured – Bubblenomics – Understanding the Shrinking Economy –

Foucault – Friendship as a way of life.pdf (application/pdf Object)  Foucault on Homosexuality.

Antony with Boy George video features a cast of trans-sexuals as objects of admiration while the two intone, “you are my sister.” it’s a touching document on the trans-gender YouTube – Antony and the Johnsons-You Are My Sister

AAAARG » library

“The Weather Underground”

Bill Ayers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“The Days of Rage was an attempt to break from the norms of kind of acceptable theater of ‘here are the anti-war people: containable, marginal, predictable, and here’s the little path they’re going to march down, and here’s where they can make their little statement.’ We wanted to say, “No, what we’re going to do is whatever we had to do to stop the violence in Vietnam.'” – Bill Ayers Days of Rage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Detials Obama’s relation with Ayers which is being used as smear, and also notes that Ayer’s bombs comment was in regards to his anti-war protests and not to actual explosives. It is rather light on Ayers in actuality: Obama Under the Weather

granted African music videos are generally an excuse to get as many women shaking their asses in front of the camera as possible, but Longue Longue is pushing for double accountability in Cameroon, i.e. both the lobbyist and the politician taking the money should be responsible for corruption. Oh yeah, he also doesn’t think Saddam Hussien should have been killed and he was jailed in France with out trail.: [Cameroun] Longue Longue — Examen de conscience

Cameroonian folk singer of note: YouTube – EBOA LOTIN

via echdine of the snakes, BTW she is looking for porn films with George bush look alikes:  Larry Flynt is Hustling up an Ala-skin flick with Sarah Palin look-alike

as one of the many rider bills on the just passed bail out package, mental health and addiction services are now part of retirement benefits: H.R. 6983: Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (

A L A I N F I N K I E L K R A U T R O C K: Lucien Nicolet and his work

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: The Genius of Arrigo Barnabé (this is really good)

Kenneth Josephson (two basic conceptual photos)

Frieze Magazine | Archive | Look, again (Wolfgang Tilmans in interview)

YouTube – The Clash in “Rudeboy” – Left Wing Politics (interview with Joe Strumer where he critiques capitalism and right-wing politics from a … trying to summarize it, but words aren’t coming… I’ll just say moral standpoint.

for a south african architect who was involved in the anti-aparthied movement and also designs and builds spaces for South Africa’s poor: Archinect : News : MMA Scoops Currystone. US refuses visa for winner. – Klaus Nomi – – Other – (surprisingly rather good)

We’re offering welfare to financial institutions for 700 billion. What would have been the cost to have had bigger and more effective programs to help low-income and high risk citizens attain housing? Should we reward our institutions for failing to innovate and merely mimicking each other? Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle

it’s interesting that the American banks are in such a crisis because they all copied each other,. if they’d pursued more diverse investment portfolios they might not have been so competitive in the mortgage market and ended up in the position they’re in today. Government siezes WaMu

it’s a site for dicussion. looks intetesting.

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Stiglitz on the bail out plan

“Trickle down economics… sees the fundamental problem as a crisis of confidence. That no doubt is part of the problem; but the failure of confidence is because the financial markets made some very bad loans. That’s not just a matter of imagination or perception. It’s reality” link

It’s interesting that so much of libertarian economic theory relies on a kinda bluff. Ya know as long as people think you’re the best… etc. The Government bailing out finance companies shouldn’t restore confidence in them, if anything it means that the same people who made incredibly bad loans are still working at those companies…

Mr. Stiglitz goes further to point out that regardless of what bail out plan the finacial companies recieve, the U.S. economy is based on borrowing, housing prices still have a lot of room to fall, and the millions in devalued houses will have to cut their spending regardless of how their mortage is restructured.

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