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Qoutes from Deleuze Desert Islands

All from Desert Islands and Other Texts 1953 – 1974
by Gilles Deleuze

“Literature is the attempt to interpret… the myths we no longer understand”

“Literature is the competition of misinterpretation”

“God knows his people, the hardworking honest type, by their beautiful properties, and the evil doers, by their poorly maintained, shabby property.”

“The example of an institution like the State, it will be objected, does not have a tendency to which it corresponds. But it is clear that such institutions are secondary: they already presuppose institutionalized behaviors, recalling a derived utility that is properly social. In the end, this utility locates the principle from which it is derived in the relation of tendencies to the social. ”

“Oppression becomes apparent when laws bear directly on people, and not on the prior institutions that protect them.”

“It’s just like theology [capitalism]: everything about it is quite rational if you accept sin, the immaculate conception, and the incarnation. Reason is always
a region carved out of the irrational-not sheltered from the irrational at all, but traversed by it and only defined by a particular kind of relationship
among irrational factors. Underneath all reason lies delirium, and drift. <b>Everything about capitalism is rational, except capital or capitalism.”</b>

“Today’s capitalist of technocrat does not desire in the same way a slave trader or a bureaucrat from the old Chinese empire would have. When people in a society desire repression, for others <i>and for themselves</i>; when there are people who like to harass others, and who have the opportunity to do so, the ‘right’ to do so, this exhibits the problem of a deep connection between libidnal desire and the social field.”

“In contrast to other societies, the regime of capitalism is both public and inadmissible.”

“If the left were ‘reasonable’ it would be satisfied with vulgarizing economic and finacial mechanisms… Instead, they keep talking about ‘ideology.’ Ideology has no importance here: what matters is the organization of power, i.e. the way in which desire is already in the economic, the way libido invests the economic, haunts the economic and fosters the political form of repression.”

“[Ideology] It’s a perfect way to ignore how desire works on the infrastructure, invests it, belongs to it, and how desire thereby organizes power: it organizes the system of repression… We’re saying: there is no ideology, the concept itself is an illusion.”

“Christinaity has never been ideology. It is a very original, specific organization of power which has taken diverse forms from the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages, and which was able to invent the idea of an international power. It’s far more important than ideology.”

One from Guattari:

“It’s always the same old trick: a big ideological debate in the general assembly, and questions of organization are reserved for special committees… the real problems are precisely the problems of organization, never made explicit of rationalized, but recast after the fact in ideological terms.”

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