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A Toaster

I’m one of those weird guys who always rearrnages his room in some order
previously unknow to me. Ya know combining exoticism and some
strategy I probably couldn’t verablize. Such orders seem to be the
obession of Sarah Sze, who’s work drops down on categories and eschews
them. AboveĀ  (sorry wordpress’ embed code from youtube doesn’t seem to be working here) we find Lee Perry with interviewer walking around burning
things and then we come to a toaster. Perry has placed a toaster atop
his fence and then proceeds to possibly improvise it as a pun on
rastafaranism, like most surrealism it seeks to quiet thought, similar
to a koan, the absurdity of it, the way Perry doesn’t quite make it
certian that he intended this, or that it has a definite meaning
merely means we’re left pondering it, but with out anything to ponder
we have a brief momentary pause in thought. Obviously such a moment
would be relief for Perry, whose compulsions run through his brain in
creative tangles, moments of knowing and thinking, a mess of dialetics
more inspired than unkempt dreds, but his ordering has a very different meaning.
Perry is asking us to
consider the absurd, to simply give up on reason for a second and
accept a secondary ordering of the world, Sze on the other hand has
turned such structures into meaning, while Perry was working with an
ordering that doesn’t have words, working with strategies he didn’t
necessarily understand consciously, but merely meant to evoke, Sze has
taken this a step further, she has found in the accidental, the
intention, and made apparent that while the experience of such
momemts can interrupt our verbalizing they still contain an order,
just not one intended linguistically.

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