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Gmail is broken and it’s a monopoly

I’m getting this hang up in gmail. I’m trying to e-mail my mom (much less e-mail something involving a bank account that I have to get done today) and gmail is hanging. It keeps saying, “Still working…” with most of my life including documents and e-mail now stored online, what the fuck am I supposed to do when my gmail is hanging like a lucas arts games in windows 3.1 with out the proper drivers? It’s not just that a highly useful web abb has died on me, it’s that it feels like the type of error I would have had in the days before I switched to mac osx or linux, the type of possibly fatal, hey we really fucked you type of thing like when windows would magically erase your hard drive, or messing around in DOS trying to get a star wars game to run properly, you’d accidnetally delete all my mother’s medical profiles and quicken tax returns, ya know the kinda holy fuck I dropped the cookie jar on the cat and then my mom slipped and broken her back trivial error with serious consequences. Even better, I’m searching for that competitor, ya know the start up from like 3 months back trying to compete with gmail, and I’m not finding them and I’m not using hotmail or yahoo mail anytime in the near future. BTW error happened after facebook tried to import my gmail contacts, web2.0 incompatibility? is facebook the misplaced DLL that downs google in the modern age? It’s been 30 minutes with 5 log outs and restarts and still no mail, it now says trying to reconnect to gmail.


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