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You Don’t Love my Yet by Lethen, On Kafka, Hermneutics and Homosexuality

Kafka isn’t about human beaurarcy, but the beauracy of ideas. How they come to operate
and how they defy logic in their own way. He was essentially providing metaphors
for agency before Latour and others were giving birth to them, his novels are about
reaching ideas through the convulotion of institutions and barriers that keeps thinking
for ever really acheiving it’s goals. It’s about arriving.

You Don’t Love Me Yet by Johnathan Lethem
I have a tendency to skimp on novels, but go in on movies.
While I feel a strange guilt (perhaps do to my Dad’s own reluctance
to splurge on my reading habit years ago) when it comes to buying books
and never finishing them, I am literally still swimming in piles of DVDs I’ve never
finished, to sit through a movie I don’t like for 2 hours is nothing compared to
barely even breaching a book I might enjoy. But Lethem’s latest managed to make
it past my inherint biases and into my bookcase, and it was well worth the read.
It’s a romance story set in Los Angeles which takes place between neurotic complainers,
indie rock singers, and conceptual artists.Lethem’s prose strides down the halls of
enjoyment like an arch-conceptualist brisking down his galleries hallways, never caring
for aesthetics, but merely for ideas. Hermenuetics and erotics fuck as one in Lethem’s prose.

His characters are often only softened by their humor their personalities aren’t just flawed, but are written with an almost uncanny exagerration of their features. At that, I get the feeling Lethem understands his complainer and his artist more than his indie rock bands, I can think of few people who remind me of Bedwin, Lucinda, or the vegetarian lead singer Matthew. Their counter-cultural bohemia is almost parody while the complainer is a concept rapped into a very sexy and satisfying enigma (I found myself thinking of myself as Lucinda in the sex scenes). Perhaps it’s merely my own immersion in such rock scenes that blinds me, when I think about it a kangaroo in the bathroom isn’t out of bounds for many I know, but atypical. Regardless, Mr.Lethem (picked up 3 books by him today on sale ay my bookstore) has written not just an enjoyable book, but possibly the summation of a generations’ ennui. Read it, please. it’s good.

Question of the day:
Why are homosexuality and heremeneutics so often interlinked? What gay artists
didn’t employ interpretation as a means of creating aesthetics? and how have they defied
the either or stance of Sontag in relations to hermeneutics and erotics in art? Mapplethorpe interpreted the body as sculptural, but in effect he made erotics out of it, and in one case thoroughly defused the eroticism of homosexuality for the sake of aesthetics. Other examples:
Todd Haynes, Matmos, Wolgang Tillman, Nan Goldin, etc. Counter examples exist but let’s just say for arguement etc.
Perhaps it’s merely timing, but I get the feeling something in
homosexuality is leading artists these ways. The experience of it, is teaching them something about the malleability of identity and the potential for intentionality in places where typically we accept the pre-existing to be standard and acceptable.

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Complaints Darjeeling Limited by Anderson and Black Hole by Burns

Darjeeling Limited by Anderson

Anderson’s films are about imagination. They catch the infinite possibilities of the mind, but always display a pessimism, a kinda shame at the inability of the protagonists to fit in. At that, Anderson films can only be watched in 5 minute intervals, pacing and ideas follow, and then the film continues, but Anderson’s complete lack of interest in India is shocking, no characters pop up like a Mira Nair film, very little of India is actually shown, and the emotional issues remains unresolved. One wishes that Anderson, like his characters, could find his fellows and move on. He’s a great film maker with an excellent pastiche, but he needs to move into deeper waters if his work is going to survive. The same archetypes treading the same terrian, the exotic as a means of escape, these won’t help him here.

Black Hole by Burns

Burns’ work can either be amazing, or well dissapoting. Black Hole is probably his worst work, it lacks any tension, while it’s cool that Burns doesn’t make the mysterious teen plague a plot point, the characters stories (with the except of Chris’ story) never really go anywhere. We’re just immersed in a world of outcastes, marijuana, and high school kids partying. I’ve gotten used to comics being good rides like Rutu Modan’s Exit Wounds or Persepolis, but Burns shows that even founders of the form can falter.

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