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In Rainbows

Was dicussing this with a friend today and it occured to me what’s wrong with indie rock.

Radiohead’s In Rainbows is sonically adventurous or whatever you wanna call, the tracks bustle with new ideas from the opener which borrows drum liks from Ellen Allien and dubstep 12″s to songs where the bass actually songs like a jazz record instead of inspired by, but here’s the problem while Shackleton or Villalobos might make dark techno records full of brooding and self-disgust, they’re making them because they’re responding to politics, they’re mind set is different than the laid back passive ennui of emo that Radiohead espouses. Sure these guys are amazing musicians, and their songs are still light years better than your average pop band, but the music is evolving much faster than the men playing it. Why they haven’t changed from whining and while Yorke’s vocal are different from the listless quality of American emo and contain a slight romantic brooding and a hidden possibility of violence, it’s that he still hasn’t changed, he still hasn’t quite grown as a song writer that makes the album a repeat of everything he’s done before. While it’s great that new electronica still influences these guys and 15 Step blends into Timbaland or Loefah perfectly, the personality is still the same. Emo is about problems, but after 15 or so years of it, it’s performers still seem to be stumped when it comes to solving their psychological problems or the situations depressing them.

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