IQ Gaps and pre-school

August 1, 2007 at 3:36 pm 1 comment

The average IQ in New Zealand is 103 from what I could google around 100 for the USA

Additionally, as two papers I have delicioused recently show, pre-school matters with IQ. More New Zealanders go to pre-school and while it’s far from proven after all the noise between cause and effect is rather large it does seem to matter. Hence, you could nip part of America’s IQ gap not only with other nations, but with in it itself simply by subdizing early education and providing for free for those under the poverty belt.

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  • 1. dignifieddevil  |  August 2, 2007 at 2:32 am


    A. it is just speculation and this is a rather weak arguement it’s a blog and kinda a sketch book etc. and also thanks for the comment.

    B. Actually I use 2 papers one on the welfare of Children in English speaking countries and another on the effects of preschool on IQ as the basis for a policy. Both papers could be wrong and there seems to be a lot of discussion on the effects of early education and IQ. I found a lot of papers that actually dismissed preschool as a factor.

    C. yeah, you’re probably right, in the absence of other factors it is a little foolish to make a policy of it, on the other hand though the 3 points of difference between the US IQs and NZ IQs is probably more than noise. After all the gap has consistently shown up year after year and of course the 3 point gap between NZ and the US is pretty small compared to the IQ gaps between the US or NZ and say South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Hence, while you could dismiss the NZ gap, it’s harder to dismiss the 8 – 10 point gaps.

    BTW you seem to be a little more well trained than I, is it possible for noise to show up in the same form year after year in study after study? I was assuming noise changes.


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