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Richard Rigg Chess board

Via VVork

Art is essentially a game for me and while these days I’m a tad intellectually exhausted (the basics of this old Lord Kelvin spatial subdividing problem evaded me for awhile even though it’s used to build this thing which is only a few hours away (solution here)) this one from VVork stuck. Why? perhaps becuase exhaustion first came to me in chess. Sitting there playing the game with my brother I didn’t want to play anymore. Even though chess is a fun game of the mind, sometimes I think I’m moving onto different problems, new solutions, stuff like that. I also got caught up in a day dream in which in Vang Vieng I ended up running into a friend from new york who would just explain the thing away as some artist’s creative output, while another from London would argue for the conceptual merits of it, after all if it isn’t art the product of a thought, if not what is it but design? But Richard Rigg’s piece is perhaps most lasting becuase it’s gesture of the impossibility of playing chess on the board is both a commentary on giving up and of course a simple way in which the context of an exercise can make it’s implementation impossible. To actually play chess on Mr. Rigg’s board would be to play blindly as if the game has become battle ship, hence while the later game is intentionally intended to be played blind, chess is a game of vision and one in which the board’s structure can there for negate the ability to play the game. Hence Chess Board is a mild paradox in which playing by the rules, the limits that force one to play intelligently and track each moves, becomes a fruitless exercise the pieces merely enter enemy terrority as unknowns their fate ultimately decided by the other player’s morals. Is such a thought behind this piece? Perhaps not and I feel that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this whole thing, but as I usually stress in these exercises it’s not the artist’s intention that matters but the way the form effects you and while Chess Board isn’t the most memorable piece in recent memory it was immediately able to pull me into a reaction and fuck well I blogged about it didn’t I? Anyway, Rigg is part of a collective dedicated to the dialetics of site and nonsite according to Ant Macari’s profile, all of Mr. Rigg’s work seems to be rather pecularily simple concepts and paradoxes one piece is two scales stacked on each other measuring the force they apply to each other.

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