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Travel –> Breaks Bangkok, Thailand


Djs apparently are supposed to be saving lives. Ya know running around in ambulances with turntables, inspiring the masses, surprising you with clever mixes, etc. etc. but when you get down to it, most DJs really really suck ass. I mean the remarkable level of crap that passes for techno is so ridiculous someone should start shooting people… oh wait some dude just finished doing that…┬áHence, Bangkok’s Breaksis a nice little reprieve from the usual bullshit. The Wednesday minimal and deep party turned out to be probably one of say 4 dj sets I’ve ever felt like actually sitting through and other nights have turned up decent stuff. Music ranges from kompakt 12’s to bass to whatever UK sub-genre happens to be “underground” at the moment and ya know the usual techno that clubs play. Good electronic clubs are basically non-existent in the U.S. but Bangkok at least has enough of diaspora to pack a little whole in the wall with some folks for the occasional night of good listening.

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