Obama’s inexperience

April 5, 2007 at 9:42 am Leave a comment

I’ve consistently been hearing this entire thing about how Obama is inexperienced, but this makes no sense comparatively. The current presidentserved a grand total of 6 years as Governor of Texas before being elected,  Giuliani (who will probably win the primary for the reps in my opinion) similarly has 2 terms as a mayor under his belt, but is also an experienced law maker. My point being arguments concerning Obama’s experience seem weak at best, like Giuliani he was an attorney, he was a state senator, and now is a US Senator. While other presidents comparatively have had been more experienced, Obama has actually spent more time in either state of federal positions than really anyone elected president since Bush Sr. (who was vice prez, part of the house, and then President for one term) Clinton served two governorships in Arkansas before being elected. Additionally, the dude has written two fairly popular books. While I’m not sure on Obama’s policies (he seems to have a subtle protectionism in some economic fields) I can think of few people running for president who actually have given us a better feel for their personalities.

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