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Vientiane Hotels and Hostels

When I was googling around for Vientiane hotels and hostels I couldn’t find much so I made a list. Most of these places are under 1 year old as Laos’ tourism boom has only been expanding since the bridges were completed and, much like Cambodia, everyone is opening hostels. Most of these places can’t be booked online yet. Someone from needs to hit these dudes off.

Mali Namphu Guest House   114 Pangkam Rd.–> 15 usd 1 room

Hean-Lao Guest House –> 8 USD, 1 room, fan. This place is nice BTW. off Samsenthai

Dorkket Huest House –> 6 – 12 USD, 1 bed or 2 bed and AC. Kinda dirty. on Samsenthai

Leo Paris Hotel –> 6 – 12 USD, 1 bed or double.

Phoxay Hotel –> 18 – 20 USD, 1 bed or more and AC.

B&P Hotel –> 18 – 22 USD, 1 room and AC

SYRI 0, 1, and 2 Guest Houses –> 6 USD and up, 60k kip, 250 baht. 1 room with fan. AC costs extra.  There’s 3 of them in various different locations.

KPP Guest House –> 5 – 6 USD. 1 room with fan. Nice and good english. Chanthabury area. 123/4 Anou Road, Ban Haisok

Lani Guest House –> 25 USD, 1 room and AC. Nice.

Laosakunh Guest House –> 40k – 90k kip i.e. 2.50 USD – 10 USD. 1 – 3 beds, 1 room, cheaper has fans more expensive AC. You can get a triple for 80k with AC hence good for groups.

Mami Guest House –> 60k Kip, 2 beds, fan. 2 Francois Ngin Rd.

TT Guest House –> 70k or 6 USD and up, 1 room and fan.

Tai-Pan Hotel –> 58 USD, 1 room and AC. 2-12 Francois Ngiin St. Mixai Village.

Lao Youth Inn –> 80k kip or 8 usd, 1 room and A. 029 Fa Ngum Rd. Mixay.

Joe’s Guest House –> 5 usd, 1 room and fan. Nice and on the Mekong. Also usually full. 135/01 Fa Ngum Road, Ban Watchantha

PP Guest House –> 40k kip, 1 room and fan

Saysana Hotel –> 5.50 USD, 1 room and fan. Looks nice. 11 Ban Watchan, Chao Anou St.

Phonetip Guesthouse –> 10 – 12 USD, 2 beds and fan.

Hay-soke Guesthouse –> 12 USD, 1 room, ac (best value with AC)

Lovan Guest House –> 10 USD, 1 room and fan. Phanompen Rd. Ban Mixay.

Dragon Lodge –> 22 usd, 1 room and AC

Thawhee House –> 6 – 12 USD, 1 room and fan – double and fan. No. 64 Ban Anu

Santisouk –> 250 Baht, 67k Kip or 320 Baht, 86k Kip, 1 room and fan or 1 room and AC.

Vayakorn House –> 12 – 18 USD, 1 bed or 2 bed. This place is well designed and kinda hipster-ee. They got an old motorbike modded with Che outside and a vintage BMW.

Mixok Guest House –> 42k kip – 53k Kip. 1 bed – 3 bed with fan. 188 Sethathilat Ban Muay

Soukchaleun Guest House –> 10 usd, 1 room and fan.

Chantha Guest House –> 10 usd – 7 usd. 1 bed and fan. the 7 usd rooms didn’t seem to be available, but are advertised. Ban Mixay, front of Mixay Temple.

Sabaidy —> 2 USD to 4 USD. Dorm mixed bed or single room. Cheapest place in town, but was full when I asked. 115, Setthathilath Rd. Mixay 11. 856-21 213929

All in all, most hostels in Laos don’t have AC, they have fans. It isn’t terribly hot and personally I don’t find it uncomfortable, but if you need the cold to sleep expect to pay 10 usd, also location doesn’t seem to matter with price a 12 USD hostel is next door to a 6 USD hostel and sometimes the 6 dollar one is actually a lot prettier. Laos had a small shortage of hotel rooms a few months back, but obviously Vientiane has now overcompensated for this with a plethora of places to stay. Hence, expect some of these places to close and others to open in the near future. I don’t have the address for everything so just tell a jam-bo or tuk-tuk driver the name, but honestly Vientiane is small and if you ain’t got bags wondering around for a few blocks to find a place to stay isn’t bad. Most places take USD or Kip, some take Baht too.

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