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Respone to Cockburn “Is Global Warming a Sin?”

Neither counterpunch or the nation has a comments section (actually the nation does and I submitted my letter)  so here we go:

“The two lines on that graph proclaim that a whopping 30 per cent cut in man-made CO2 emissions didn’t even cause a 1 ppm drop in the atmosphere’s CO2. Thus it is impossible to assert that the increase in atmospheric CO2 stems from human burning of fossil fuels.”

Well, no it doesn’t neccessarily mean that, it could mean (somewhat more disturbingly) that when mankind’s CO2 emissions dropped for a few years the naturally occuring system that filters CO2 didn’t get to them (deforestation?) or any of several other options. The fact that a simple time based link doesn’t work doesn’t invalidate the arguement. While industrial emissions of co2 in 1932 might have been less than in 1928 while the ppm of co2 in the atmopshere was greater you are assuming that the CO2 measured in 1932 necessarily is the CO2 emitted in 1932. How long does it take for emitted Co2 to enter the atmopshere? Also industrial Co2, the type emitted from cars and factories, has a different structure than the co2 emitted from other sources, hence identifying it as the predominant gas in the atmopshere isn’t terribly hard. Lastly, while CO2 build ups were occuring through out the 20th century don’t forget that sulpher dioxide build ups (the global cooling scare) was also occuring. Hence, we were emitting gases that both trap heat and release it. Also, while water vapor is building up in the atmopshere further speeding global warming, it is concentrated over Europe and water vapor does dissipate as rain after all. Finally:

“As Hertzberg says, water in the form of oceans, snow, ice cover, clouds and vapor ‘is overwhelming in the radiative and energy balance between the Earth and the sun…. Carbon dioxide and the greenhouse gases are, by comparison, the equivalent of a few farts in a hurricane.’ And water is exactly that component of the Earth’s heat balance that the global warming computer models fail to account for.”

yet global warming models have included water vapor for years, in fact in 2004 it was found that they were overestimating the effect of water vapor on the atmopshere:

A NASA-funded study found some climate models might be overestimating the amount of water vapor entering the atmosphere as the Earth warms. Since water vapor is the most important heat-trapping greenhouse gas in our atmosphere, some climate forecasts may be overestimating future temperature increases.

“It’s a notorious inconvenience for the Greenhousers that data also show CO2 concentrations from the Eocene period, 20 million years before Henry Ford trundled out his first Model T, 300 to 400 percent higher than current concentrations. ”
Yes, the Eocene peroid had a higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, but it also marked one of the largest peroids of extinction in history and also might have been caused by a meteor hitting the earth. Hence, if we’re already over 1/2 way to a climate that possibly killed off billions of life forms that’s hardly re-assuring.

“like the medieval warming period’s higher-than-today temperatures, by straightforward chicanery, misrepresenting tree ring data (themselves an unreliable guide) and claiming the warming was a local European affair.”

I was under the impression that fluctuations in the Atlantic salt pump caused this.

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Sunshine or that new Danny Boyle movie

It left me in silence. That’s about all I can say about Danny Boyle’s film. What’s better, it wasn’t aww or amazement, I left the theater feeling as if I watched people I knew bicker through a plausible and interesting plot. Nothing in this film is imperfect, due to it’s miraculous pacing and acting, it is perhaps one of the few sci-fi products you will see this year that celebrates the humanity behind our enterprises, and makes glorious not the superhuman, but merely the meekness and ego that drive any human enterprise. Boyle has studied character and sanded down the edges of film, what’s left is entertainment and not much else.

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Bangkok notes 04/26/2007

Sarongs are circular pieces of fabric. Men’s sarongs must be checkered or flannel print, otherwise it’s a women’s sarong. If you get one that is a long striped piece of fabric that you tie and then tuck part of the knot into the waist then you have a pakokwam, which seems to be a towel or a type of swimwear (just checked it’s a towel). Sarongs are country in Thailand and they are also informal. While fun, some of the city looks down on them. Men’s sarongs are a little hard to find, Bo Bae market which is a few blocks walk from National Staduim is the best place for them.

Lat Phrao Night Market is perhaps one of the more interesting markets. When you approach Lat Phrao station you’ll see it, it looks like a race track with spare tires suggesting a course. Sells bike parts, vintage LPs, and some toys. The lot becomes full of vintage VW Buses around 9 on Saturdays and Fridays, I’m not sure if anyone uses the lot to race, but it definitely looks like people do race on the course everyonce in awhile. Most of the Thai car modders have a rockabilly thing going on and booming jounts of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and other us country escalate through dirty tofu, used car stereo parts, hand bars with embossed skulls, and vintage thai car mod mags. Worth a look for the sheer specialization.

Talat Thewes is north of the BTS and MRTs that mark Bangkok, but is right on the river near the Rama V Bridge a tad bit north of the Wat-tourist line people usually use. It is however 2 – 3 solid blocks of native thai flowers segmented by bayou and the occasional restaunt (In Love is apparently a nancy chandler favorite).  This is different than the chinatown cut flower market, this is actual flowers you can buy. You gotta cross the bridges a few times to get to all the shops.

The Thai aren’t the laid back vacation people that ads of sun drenched beaches and guesthouses perhaps suggest. They’re actually pretty damn formal. While dinners outside my apartment complex go on for hours (including after hours drinking of whiskey misked with soda water) and folks lounge around in shorts tons of minute customs that would be excusable becuase you’re foreign in Korea or Japan must be observed. Buddhist charms can not be worn below the waist, a teacher at school warned me never to point at things with my feet, Buddhist robes are for sale everywhere, but can’t be woren, while people worry about offending other south east asians the reality of Taipei, Seoul, or Tokyo is that they’re pretty much used to Westeners (and usually rather international themselves), while in Bangkok people still whisper about the farang in the building and some offenses aren’t as excusable. It is still a culture that’s customs aren’t as well known as others, but unfortunately as a tourist hotspot, are frequently trampled upon.

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