Quick Comments I’m a Cyborg and Navin Rawanchaikul

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I’m a Cyborg, but that’s ok
movie poster
I don’t really have the same sense of Rain as many in Asia do, so to me this was just another Park Chan-Wook film. That said if Justin Timberlake choose to make his cimenatic debut in this fashion I might have some respect for him. I’m a Cyborg is propelled by subtle comedy, a mostly harmless staff of eccentrics, and a little world worth visting. Like a good romantic comedy you fall in love with the characters and the girl in this one is charming in a brain damaged type of way. Chan-Wook is amazing at creating surprising humane characters regardless of their faults and hence I’m a Cyborg isn’t a film about villians, but empathetic characters that are a joy to watch. All in all, I thought it was a good date film.

Navin Rawanchaikul

Is a Punjabi descendant from Chaing-Mai here in Thailand. His work, in this case, is particularly comedic Navin discovers a note from another Navin and travels to Mumbai to meet him and fall through a series of bollywood cliches. Perhaps most worth seeing for the way he cerishes every moment of bollywood dance scenes or the fact that the plot is propelled not by sense, but merely by a narcisstic love of names. Showing at the Tang Gallery in Silom Galleria Silom Soi 19 just down the street from the hindu temple.


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